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de96e638-d234-4f35-a653-e0258cca11ed 1.2: Global Land and Ocean Temperature Anamolies
defd52b7-e93b-4496-b5f3-bd5955c515df 18.1: Observed and Projected Temperature Change
deffc782-d292-43e3-b616-3ad8fdd05cfe 12.1: relative sea level
df0c4e67-1dbf-4ca0-a728-c99960d0d751 14.1: Carbon Flux Pathways in Aquatic Environments
df34a4d3-0f03-4ea6-914b-d60fc7c30ff8 22.8: Projected Expansion of Russian Olive Habitat
df56c8cb-120e-4814-bef6-efd91b19ccca 19.13: October 2015 Charleston Flood
df7ded2e-16a7-4d8a-8f3e-7fa3e6b01ea6 6.2: Agricultural Distribution
df8f2eb7-68c2-4a04-888c-6ff795a9dd02 5.6: Tropical Storm Impact on Vermont Road
dfd5ca68-4cbf-4e8b-afc8-24992cfcb6b1 3.7: Renewable and Fossil Fuel Electricity Production in North America, 2000 to 2014
e00d14b5-858e-4f55-8989-869160b4a768 33.27: Trends in Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
e0136084-5fcc-4f5b-b7a1-a5efcc939bb4 11.2: Urban Support Systems are Interconnected
e02d025f-6c37-4710-8a85-6f005d58d6c3 4.1: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
e03d8ed1-4f45-4f30-99fb-8a671e39d94b 26.6: Scenario Planning
e075fe5f-9624-4676-ad3b-445527cc56b0 50.6: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
e08566ff-9020-4b2c-9bd9-d6ce290c4270 6.5: Projected Changes in Key Climate Variables Affecting Agricultural Productivity
e0965337-5b4c-4121-862b-4017c721ba7b 2.2: Simplified Conceptual Framework of the Climate System
e09b1ab4-9888-4352-a726-fa8a1b580fbe 21.5: Climate Change Outpaces Plants’ Ability to Shift Habitat Range
e09b82af-2742-46b3-9528-861acaab565a 8.1: Projected Change in Soil Moisture, End of Century, Higher Emissions
e0d0caed-1a1e-4f25-8c28-16852f39c8b1 8.2: The Aftermath of Hurricanes
e0e3eb4a-9176-4313-b0ee-f424e537a14d 5.3: Development in the Houston Area
e11f0119-aa4e-42be-a670-97ace049faa2 18.3: Lengthening of the Freeze-Free Period
e13cdf2e-0699-4c52-a642-56c8fc3317c4 33.1: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect
34.11: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect
e15c73b1-59b8-4ca7-ba8f-e84d0baa777f 31.5: Storage Levels in Elephant Butte Reservoir
e175b39f-5e21-428b-9a16-9c85146b1562 7.2: Genetic Diversity and Climate Exposure
e198481a-4966-48d2-bf30-de8d0526d3c7 2.9: Notable 2017 Hurricanes