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eb542896-5ba3-4333-aa4f-e44a71f28317 7.1: Forest Ecosystem Disturbances
eb68821e-bade-4769-8a77-bdb4409c5bb9 -.10: Multiyear Sea Ice Has Declined Dramatically
eb93b770-b31e-42ad-b0e5-d0149faf3475 5.3: Cold Season Relationship between Climate Indices and Precipitation/Temperature Anomalies
eb9bd7dc-3e3a-4001-9a64-f2a0763b3f64 1.5: Shells Dissolve in Acidifed Ocean Water
2.31: Shells Dissolve in Acidified Ocean Water
34.21: Ocean Acidification and the Food Web
ebaf548a-8192-4c9a-b358-fe401a3f27ed 1.15: Promoting Reef Recovery
ebb0d357-bba7-4883-9852-ae1862b84dd9 ES.5: ES.5. Annual North American Fossil Fuel Emissions from 1959 to 2014
ebc4e8fb-f987-40da-9bbf-e36802241556 33.3: Carbon Emissions in the Industrial Age
ebf4af75-dcde-45c5-96ff-e8308a9818eb 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
ec16ce9d-37e6-4e4a-bdb1-9d4eb632c754 2.7: Radar Observations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation
ec962e5c-9a6d-4a73-b608-5ae8b840738a A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
ec9d687f-ae5c-4eeb-9aa2-27cc754ae79e 1: Sea Surface Temperatures
ed188f6c-9be4-460f-b0ca-7e7132c5c534 37.6: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
ed22ff2b-a88f-481b-992a-20e400241f0b 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
ed76cb46-45aa-45a0-b59b-9c556e36924c 3.11: North American Energy System Carbon Emissions Scenarios in Teragrams (Tg)
edcecf52-1b51-4372-9dac-38fd4242f180 23.7: Residents of Low-lying Islands at Risk
ee0184ff-fb4c-4ad1-8b17-3a934efedbf6 21.2: Conservation Practices Reduce Impact of Heavy Rains
ee542df9-3531-4b11-8a1b-f38d666f9680 1.4: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
ee57687d-c73a-4282-a0f5-cb3a8228d929 A5.5: Human and Natural Influences on Global Temperature
eeeb23a0-7f95-4f8d-9d7f-cb991006833d 10.3: Changes in the Ogallala Aquifer
eef445df-8354-4134-bd6c-ae9f37bf29c2 A5.9: Published Climate Change Research Papers
eefec2ce-23c8-4b01-ba5c-62a287bba1a4 2.4: Atmospheric Concentrations of CO2, CH4 and N2O
ef0e475d-ef61-4da1-ad1c-1573bf593705 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
ef3bbdea-8831-454c-9e47-6b2d24ef4d4c 4.1: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
ef56274e-e308-41bb-9c60-b67daa866a54 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains