identifier name description platforms
ir-sounder IR Sounder Narrow-band channel IR radiometer indian-national-satellite-3d
isp ISP Solar irradiance monitor meteor-3-n7
italian-navigation-experiment Italian Navigation Experiment GNSS receiver sac-c
italian-star-tracker Italian Star Tracker Star tracker sac-c
japanese-advanced-meteorological-imager Japanese Advanced Meteorological Imager Multi-purpose imaging Vis/IR radiometer
jason-microwave-radiometer JASON Microwave Radiometer JMR is a JPL instrument of TMR heritage. JMR is a passive microwave radiometer measuring the brightness temperatures in the nadir column at 18.7, 23.8, and 34 GHz, providing path delay correction for the altimeter (the brightness temperatures are converted to path-delay information). The 23.8 GHz channel is the primary water vapor sensor, the 34 GHz channel provides a correction for non-raining clouds, and the 18.7 GHz channel provides the correction for effects of wind-induced enhancements in the sea surface background emission. jason-1
ka-band-altimeter Ka-band Altimeter Radar altimeter satellite-with-argos-and-altika
laben-gnss-receiver-for-advanced-navigation-geodesy-and-experiments LABEN GNSS Receiver for Advanced Navigation, Geodesy and Experiments GNSS receiver sac-d-aquarius
langmuir-probes Langmuir probes Space environment monitor detection-of-electro-magnetic-emissions-transmitted-from-earthquake-regions
laser-corner-cube-reflector-assembly Laser Corner Cube Reflector Assembly Laser retroreflector laser-relativity-satellite
laser-reflectors Laser Reflectors Laser retroreflector starlette
laser-reflectors-2 Laser Reflectors Laser retroreflector cryosat-earth-explorer-opportunity-mission
laser-retro-reflector Laser retro-Reflector Laser retroreflector gravity-field-and-steady-state-ocean-circulation-explorer
laser-retroreflector-array Laser Retroreflector Array This passive sensor of JPL is used by a ground laser network (of 10-15 SLR stations) to track the position of the satellite for precision orbit determination (verification of altitude measurements). The mass of LRA is 29 kg; the LRA accuracy depends on laser station characteristics. The LRA is used to calibrate the other location systems on the satellite (DORIS, GPSDR) with a very high degree of precision. topex-poseidon
laser-retroreflector-array-3 Laser Retroreflector Array Laser retroreflector laser-geodynamics-satellite-1
l-band-synthetic-apature-radar L-band Synthetic Apature Radar Imaging radar (SAR) japanese-earth-resource-satellite
leisa-atmospheric-corrector LEISA Atmospheric Corrector Multi-purpose imaging Vis/IR radiometer new-millenium-program-earth-observing-1
lightning-imager-sensor Lightning Imager Sensor Lightning imager
lightning-imaging-sensor Lightning Imaging Sensor Lightning imager tropical-rainfall-measuring-mission
lightning-mapper Lightning Mapper Lightning imager
limb-infrared-monitor-of-the-stratosphere Limb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere Limb-scanning IR spectrometer nimbus-7
limb-radiance-inversion-radiometer-instrument Limb Radiance Inversion Radiometer instrument Limb-scanning IR spectrometer nimbus-6
limb-viewing-hyperspectral-imager-vnir Limb Viewing Hyperspectral Imager VNIR Limb-scanning SW spectrometer youthsat
linear-imaging-self-scanner-i Linear imaging Self Scanner - I High resolution optical imager indian-remote-sensing-satellite-1b
linear-imaging-self-scanner-ii Linear Imaging Self Scanner - II High resolution optical imager indian-remote-sensing-satellite-1b