model : ipsl-cm4

Institut Pierre Simon Laplace Climate Model version 4

Pierre Simon Laplace Institute

The IPSL-CM4 model (Marti et al. 2010) couples four components of the Earth system: LMDZ-4 (Hourdin et al. 2006) for atmospheric dynamics and physics, OPA (Madec et al. 1997) for ocean dynamics, LIM (Fichefet and Maqueda 1997; 1999) for sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics, and ORCHIDEE (Krinner et al. 2005) for the land surface. Sulphate aerosols concentrations are externally imposed and direct and indirect aerosol forcings are considered (Quaas et al. 2004, Dufresne et al. 2005). This model participates to the CMIP3 project, the multimodel ensembles climate projections used in the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) assessment report (IPCC-AR4).

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