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Anthony David McGuire Author 20 articles
  1. A Large and Persistent Carbon Sink in the World's Forests
  2. Alaska’s changing fire regime — implications for the vulnerability of its boreal forests
  3. Assessing the response of area burned to changing climate in western boreal North America using a Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) approach
  4. Assessment of boreal forest historical C dynamics in the Yukon River Basin: relative roles of warming and fire regime change
  5. Changes in vegetation in northern Alaska under scenarios of climate change, 2003–2100: implications for climate feedbacks
  6. Changing permafrost in a warming world and feedbacks to the Earth system
  7. Consequences of changes in vegetation and snow cover for climate feedbacks in Alaska and northwest Canada
  8. Distribution and Density of Moose in Relation to Landscape Characteristics: Effects of Scale
  9. Evidence and implications of recent and projected climate change in Alaska's forest ecosystems
  10. Importance of recent shifts in soil thermal dynamics on growing season length, productivity, and carbon sequestration in terrestrial high-latitude ecosystems
  11. Net Emissions of CH4 and CO2 in Alaska: Implications for the Region's Greenhouse Gas Budget
  12. Palaeodata-informed modelling of large carbon losses from recent burning of boreal forests
  13. Potential shifts in dominant forest cover in interior Alaska driven by variations in fire severity
  14. Reconciling estimates of the contemporary North American carbon balance among terrestrial biosphere models, atmospheric inversions, and a new approach for estimating net ecosystem exchange from inventory-based data
  15. Role of Land-Surface Changes in Arctic Summer Warming
  16. Sensitivity of the carbon cycle in the Arctic to climate change
  17. Vulnerability and adaptation to climate-related fire impacts in rural and urban interior Alaska
  18. Vulnerability of White Spruce Tree Growth in Interior Alaska in Response to Climate Variability: Dendrochronological, Demographic, and Experimental Perspectives
  19. Vulnerability of carbon storage in North American boreal forests to wildfires during the 21st century
  20. Wetland succession in a permafrost collapse: interactions between fire and thermokarst
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