National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries

United States

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National Marine Fisheries Service

federal organization
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These organizations are related to this organization :
this organization Author 2 articles
  1. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Proposed Listing Determinations for 82 Reef-Building Coral Species. Proposed Reclassification of Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis From Threatened to Endangered
  2. Endangered and threatened species; threatened status for the Arctic, Okhotsk, and Baltic subspecies of the ringed seal and endangered status for the Ladoga subspecies of the ringed seal; final rule
Author 1 report
  1. nmfs-f-spo-118
Andrew W. Bruckner Author 1 article
  1. One-Third of Reef-Building Corals Face Elevated Extinction Risk from Climate Change and Local Impacts
Michael Fogarty Author 1 article
  1. Climate change impacts on U.S. Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
Roger B. Griffis Author 1 article
  1. Biodiversity in a changing climate: a synthesis of current and projected trends in the US
Jonathan A. Hare Author 1 article
  1. A comparison between warm-water fish assemblages of Narragansett Bay and those of Long Island Sound waters
Thomas P. Hurst Author 1 article
  1. Ocean acidification risk assessment for Alaska’s fishery sector
John E. O'Reilly Author 1 report
  1. nasa-techmemo-2000-206892-vol11
Roger J. Zimmerman Contributing Author 1 report
  1. ucusa-conf-2001
Michael Fogarty Editor 1 book
  1. Marine Ecosystem-Based Managem...
Michael R. Johnson Editor 1 report
  1. bams-state-of-the-climate-2009
Alan Lowther Editor 1 report
  1. nmfs-fisheries-2011
K.E. Osgood Editor 1 report
  1. noaa-techmemo-nmfs-f-spo-89
Todd O'Brien Point of Contact 2 reports
  1. indicator-ocean-chlorophyll-concentrations
  2. indicator-ocean-chlorophyll-concentrations-2018
this organization Distributor 1 report
  1. nmfs-afsc-212
this organization Host 1 webpage
  1. Annual Commercial Landing Statistics
this organization Data Archive 2 datasets
  1. Endangered Species Act Critical Habitat
  2. Habitat Areas of Particular Concern
this organization Contributing Agency 2 reports
  1. indicator-ocean-chlorophyll-concentrations
  2. indicator-ocean-chlorophyll-concentrations-2018

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