National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Program Office

United States

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These organizations are related to this organization :
Ben DeAngelo Lead Author 1 report
  1. climate-science-special-report
Ben DeAngelo Author 2 chapters
  1. climate-science-special-report Executive Summary
  2. climate-science-special-report chapter 14 : Perspectives on Climate Change Mitigation
Rebecca L. Feldman Author 1 article
  1. Sea-level rise research and dialogue in North Carolina: Creating windows for policy change
Annarita Mariotti Author 3 articles
  1. Causes and predictability of the 2012 Great Plains drought
  2. Global meteorological drought: A synthesis of current understanding with a focus on SST drivers of precipitation deficits
  3. North American climate in CMIP5 experiments: Part III: Assessment of twenty-first-century projections
Meredith F. Muth Author 1 article
  1. Advancing preparedness and response to drought and wildfires through North American Transboundary Collaboration
Laura Petes Author 2 articles
  1. Impacts of upstream drought and water withdrawals on the health and survival of downstream estuarine oyster populations
  2. Improving conservation outcomes with a new paradigm for understanding species’ fundamental and realized adaptive capacity
Sarah Close Editor 1 book
  1. Climate in Context: Science an...
this organization Funding Agency 7 articles
  1. On the seasonal forecasting of regional tropical cyclone activity
  2. How significant is the impact of irrigation on the local hydroclimate in California’s Central Valley? Comparison of model results with ground and remote-sensing data
  3. Non-CO2 greenhouse gases and climate change
  4. Observations and assessment of forest carbon dynamics following disturbance in North America
  5. Ocean Acidification: Present Conditions and Future Changes in a High-CO2 World
  6. The equilibrium sensitivity of the Earth's temperature to radiation changes
  7. World ocean heat content and thermosteric sea level change (0-2000 m), 1955-2010
Funding Agency 1 report
  1. noaasarp-2011
Dan Barrie Point of Contact 2 reports
  1. indicator-ocean-chlorophyll-concentrations-2019
  2. indicator-ocean-chlorophyll-concentrations-2020
Meredith F. Muth Point of Contact 1 article
  1. Advancing preparedness and response to drought and wildfires through North American Transboundary Collaboration
this organization Host 1 figure
  1. usgcrp-ocpfy2016 2.6
Host 1 image
  1. 2ca96461
Host 1 webpage
  1. Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (RISA) [web site]
this organization Contributing Agency 1 figure
  1. usgcrp-ocpfy2015 2.7
Contributing Agency 1 image
  1. ec16ce9d
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