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Katharine Hayhoe Author 15 articles
  1. An integrated framework for quantifying and valuing climate change impacts on urban energy and infrastructure: A Chicago case study
  2. Assessing General Circulation Model Simulations of Atmospheric Teleconnection Patterns
  3. Change in ozone air pollution over Chicago associated with global climate change
  4. Climate and hydrological changes in the northeastern United States: recent trends and implications for forested and aquatic ecosystemsThis article is one of a selection of papers from NE Forests 2100: A Synthesis of Climate Change Impacts on Forests of the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada.
  5. Climate change projections of sea level extremes along the California coast
  6. Climate change, heat waves, and mortality projections for Chicago
  7. Climate, Extreme Heat, and Electricity Demand in California
  8. Global Pyrogeography: the Current and Future Distribution of Wildfire
  9. Going to the Extremes: An Intercomparison of Model-Simulated Historical and Future Changes in Extreme Events
  10. Introduction: Assessing the effects of climate change on Chicago and the Great Lakes
  11. Past and future changes in climate and hydrological indicators in the US Northeast
  12. Potential climate change impacts on Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) off the northeastern USA
  13. Projected change in climate thresholds in the Northeastern U.S.: implications for crops, pests, livestock, and farmers
  14. Role of winter temperature and climate change on the survival and future range expansion of the hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) in eastern North America
  15. Statistical downscaling of precipitation through nonhomogeneous stochastic weather typing
Author 1 report
  1. ucusa-howtoavoid-2007
Jennifer K. Vanos Author 1 article
  1. Detecting synoptic warming trends across the US midwest and implications to human health and heat-related mortality
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