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These organizations are related to this organization :
Sanford D. Eigenbrode Lead Author 1 chapter
  1. nca3 chapter 21 : Northwest
Lilian (Na’ia) Alessa Author 1 article
  1. The science of firescapes: Achieving fire-resilient communities
John W. Anderson Author 1 article
  1. The science of firescapes: Achieving fire-resilient communities
Jeffrey A. Hicke Author 1 article
  1. Effects of biotic disturbances on forest carbon cycling in the United States and Canada
Author 1 report
  1. nca-workshoprisk-2012
Brett High Author 1 article
  1. Temporary Staging of Columbia River Summer Steelhead in Coolwater Areas and Its Effect on Migration Rates
J. Michael Scott Author 1 article
  1. Beyond Reserves and Corridors: Policy Solutions to Facilitate the Movement of Plants and Animals in a Changing Climate
Author 1 report
  1. ccsp-sap-4_4-2008
Jeffrey A. Hicke Contributing Author 1 chapter
  1. second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 9 : Forests
Contributing Author 1 report
  1. ccsp-sap-4_3-2008
Barbara Cosens Editor 1 book
  1. The Future of Indian and Feder...
Tara W. Hudiburg Review Editor 2 chapters
  1. second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 19 : Future of the North American Carbon Cycle
  2. second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 2 : The North American Carbon Budget
Review Editor 1 report
  1. second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report
Polly C. Buotte Point of Contact 1 article
  1. Climate influences on whitebark pine mortality from mountain pine beetle in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
this organization Data Archive 1 dataset
  1. University of Idaho Daily Meteorological data for continental US
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