identitier name types people
noaa-office-habitat-conservation NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation federal
noaa-restoration-center NOAA Restoration Center federal Mathias J. Collins
national-oceanic-atmospheric-administration-sandy-service-assessment-team NOAA Sandy Service Assessment Team federal
satellite-information-service-center-satellite-applications-research NOAA Satellite, Data, and Information Service Center for Satellite Applications and Research federal C. Mark Eakin Jessica Blunden Derek S. Arndt Russell S. Vose Richard Heim Thomas M. Smith Cheng-Zhi Zou Robert Bradley Pierce Daniel Lindsey Andrew K. Heidinger Alfred M. Powell Mei Gao Mitchell D. Goldberg
noaa-satellite-data-information-service-center-satellite-applications-research-laboratory-satellite-altimetry NOAA Satellite, Data, and Information Service Center for Satellite Applications and Research Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry federal Eric Leuliette
noaa-satellite-data-information-service-center-satellite-applications-research-satellite-climate-studies-branch NOAA Satellite, Data, and Information Service Center for Satellite Applications and Research Satellite Climate Studies Branch federal Thomas M. Smith
noetix-research-inc Noetix Research Inc. commercial Andrew M. Davidson
nofer-institute-occupational-medicine Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine research
nooksack-indian-tribe Nooksack Indian Tribe tribal
nooksack-natural-resources-department Nooksack Natural Resources Department tribal Oliver Grah Jezra Beaulieu
norconsult Norconsult private J. A. Lier
nordic-agency-development-ecology-nordeco Nordic Agency for Development and Ecology - NORDECO non-profit Finn Danielsen
nordic-institute-theoretical-physics-nordita Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics NORDITA research John S. Wettlaufer
north-american-butterfly-association North American Butterfly Association non-profit
north-american-carbon-program North American Carbon Program research Elisabeth K. Larson
north-american-cartographic-information-society North American Cartographic Information Society professional society/organization
north-american-electric-reliability-corporation North American Electric Reliability Corporation commercial
north-atlantic-llc North Atlantic LLC academic/federal (cooperative agreement) Andrew Milliken Emily J. Powell Megan C. Tyrrell
north-bengal-agricultural-university North Bengal Agricultural University academic/research Gopal Shukla Sumit Chakravarty
north-carolina-cooperative-fish-wildlife-research-unit North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit academic/research Azad Henareh Khalyani Jaime A. Collazo
north-carolina-department-environmental-quality North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality state
north-carolina-department-environment-natural-resources North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources state
north-carolina-department-environment-natural-resources-division-water-quality North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Water Quality state Larry W. Ausley
north-carolina-department-environment-health-natural-resources North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources state Patricia K. Fowler
north-carolina-department-natural-resources-community-development North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community Development state Josef Perry