identitier name types people
aberystwyth-university-institute-biological-environmental-rural-sciences Aberystwyth University Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences IBERS academic/research Javier GP Gamarra Michael Christie
aberystwyth-university-institute-biological-environmental-rural-sciences-ibers-animal-systems-research-group Aberystwyth University Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences IBERS Animal Systems Research Group research Will Haresign
aboriginal-issues-press Aboriginal Issues Press commercial
abt-associates-inc Abt Associates, Inc. research Jennifer Peers Russell Jones Alexis St. Juliana David M. Mills Richard Streeter Mark A. Lorie Anna Belova Karen Carney Michael Duckworth Ron Hall Jim Henderson Heather Hosterman Claire Lay Hardee Mahoney Matthew Rissing Justin Stein Cameron W. Wobus Pearl Zheng Joel B. Smith
abt-associates-inc-environment-resources-division Abt Associates, Inc. Environment and Resources Division research Ellen S. Post Hardee Mahoney Matthew Ranson Jin Huang
abt-srbi-inc Abt SRBI, Inc commercial Mark D. Morgan
academia-sicinica Academia Sinica academic
academia-sinica-institute-earth-sciences Academia Sinica Institute of Earth Sciences academic/research Benjamin F. Chao Yuwen Li
research-center-environmental-changes Academia Sinica Research Center for Environmental Changes academic/research Huang-Hsiung Hsu Chia Chou
academic-press Academic Press commercial
accenture Accenture commercial Craig Faris
ace-tempest-re ACE Tempest Re private Kelly Hereid
acf-stakeholders-inc ACF Stakeholders, Inc. non-profit
acrt-inc ACRT Inc private Donald Niebyl
adams-state-university Adams State University academic
adaptation-impacts-research-group Adaptation and Impacts Research group research Abdel R. Maarouf
adaptation-international-llc Adaptation International LLC private Alexander Sascha Petersen Ellu Nasser
adaptive-management-working-group Adaptive Management Working Group federal Byron K. Williams Robert C. Szaro Carl D. Shapiro
adas-woodthorne ADAS Woodthorne commercial Steven W. Bailey
administration-aging Administration on Aging federal