identitier name types people
william-mary-law-school William and Mary Law School academic
william-randolph-hearst-foundation William Randolph Hearst Foundation foundation
williams-college Williams College academic Kai N. Lee
williams-college-mystic-seaport-maritime-studies-program Williams College and Mystic Seaport The Maritime Studies Program academic/research James T. Carlton
williams-college-center-environmental-studies Williams College Center for Environmental Studies research Kai N. Lee
williams-college-environmental-studies-program Williams College Environmental Studies Program research Kai N. Lee
willis-research-network Willis Research Network research Gabriele Villarini Renato Vitolo Francesco Serinaldi
winrock-international Winrock International Sandra Brown
winthrop-university-hospital Winthrop-University Hospital research
winthrop-university-hospital-infectious-disease-division Winthrop-University Hospital Infectious Disease Division research J. Connolly Eileen Abruzzo Burke A. Cunha
wisconsin-cooperative-wildlife-research-unit Wisconsin Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit research Michael D. Samuel
wisconsin-department-health-services Wisconsin Department of Health Services state Sarah D. Geiger Megan Christenson Henry A. Anderson Marni Y. V. Bekkedal Stephanie M. Borchardt
wisconsin-department-natural-resources Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources state Avery Dorland Adam C. Mednick
wisconsin-division-public-health Wisconsin Division of Public Health state Marni Y. V. Bekkedal Henry A. Anderson
wisconsin-geological-natural-history-survey Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey research Kenneth R. Bradbury Madeline Gotkowitz
wisconsin-initiative-on-climate-change-impacts Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts academic/research
wisconsin-medical-society Wisconsin Medical Society professional society/organization
wittgenstein-centre-democracy-human-capital Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Human Capital research Wolfgang Lutz William P. Butz Samir K. C.
wk-kellog-biological-station W.K. Kellog Biological Station research G. Philip Robertson Ilya Gelfand Sieglinde S. Snapp
wolters-kluwer-health-inc Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. commercial