identitier name types people
wayne-state-university-department-emergency-medicine Wayne State University Department of Emergency Medicine academic/research Kelly R. Klein Perri Herzog Suzanne R. White
weather-it-is-ltd Weather It Is, Ltd commercial Barry H. Lynn
weed-science-society-america Weed Science Society of America ngo
wellcome-trust Wellcome Trust foundation
wellesley-college Wellesley College academic
wellesley-college-department-biological-sciences Wellesley College Department of Biological Sciences academic Nicholas L. Rodenhouse
wellesley-college-department-geosciences Wellesley College Department of Geosciences academic Britt A. Argow
wesleyan-university Wesleyan University academic Gary Yohe Ellen Thomas
wesleyan-university-department-earth-environmental-sciences Wesleyan University Department of Earth and Environmental Studies academic Dana L. Royer Ellen Thomas
wesleyan-university-department-economics Wesleyan University Department of Economics academic Gary Yohe
west-coast-vancouver-island-aquatic-management-board West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Board city Thomas Okey
west-end-revitalization-association West End Revitalization Association regional Omega Wilson
western-alaska-llc Western Alaska LLC academic/federal (cooperative agreement)
western-area-power-administration Western Area Power Administration regional
western-australian-museum Western Australian Museum national
western-australian-museum-department-aquatic-zoology Western Australian Museum Department of Aquatic Zoology national Gerald R. Allen
western-carolina-university Western Carolina University academic
western-carolina-university-department-biology Western Carolina University Department of Biology academic/research Joseph H. K. Pechmann
western-carolina-university-department-geosciences-natural-resources Western Carolina University Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources academic Robert S. Young
western-carolina-university-program-study-developed-shorelines Western Carolina University Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines academic/research Blair Tormey