identitier name types people
oklahoma-allergy-asthma-clinic Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic commercial Warren Filley Jeanne Shropshire
oklahoma-association-electric-cooperatives Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives non-profit Sidney K. Sperry
oklahoma-climatological-survey Oklahoma Climatological Survey state/housed w/in academic Mark Shafer Renee A. McPherson Kenneth C. Crawford Gary McManus Jeffrey Basara
oklahoma-department-transportation Oklahoma Department of Transportation state
oklahoma-institute-disaster-emergency-medicine Oklahoma Institute for Disaster and Emergency Medicine Mark A. Brandenburg
oklahoma-medical-reserve-corp Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps Mark A. Brandenburg Sue M. Watkins Karin L. Brandenburg Christoph Schieche
oklahoma-state-regents-higher-education Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education state
oklahoma-state-university Oklahoma State University academic Riley E. Dunlap
oklahoma-state-university-center-study-disasters-extreme-events Oklahoma State University Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events research Brenda D. Phillips
oklahoma-state-university-department-botany Oklahoma State University Department of Botany academic Michael W. Palmer
oklahoma-state-university-department-natural-resource-ecology-management Oklahoma State University Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management academic Chris B. Zou
oklahoma-state-university-fire-emergency-management-program Oklahoma State University Fire and Emergency Management Program academic/research
oklahoma-wind-power-initative Oklahoma Wind Power Initative Scott Greene
olav-slaymaker Olav Slaymaker independent_scholar Olav Slaymaker
old-dominion-university Old Dominion University academic Glenn F. Cota Suzanne R. Livingstone Jennifer E. Smith William M. Leavit
old-dominion-university-center-coastal-physical-oceanography Old Dominion University Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography research Robert E. Tuleya Thomas C. Royer John Klinck Chester E. Grosch Benjamin Hamlington Larry Atkinson Tal Ezer
old-dominion-university-department-ocean-earth-atmospheric-science Old Dominion University Department of Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences academic Margaret R. Mulholland Benjamin Hamlington Se-Hyeon Cheon
old-dominion-university-school-community-environmental-health Old Dominion University School of Community and Environmental Health academic James Blando Viann Nguyen Hueiwang Anna Jeng
oliver-wyman Oliver Wyman commercial Mark Robson John Rogula
olive-view-ucla-medical-center Olive View-UCLA Medical Center research Jesus R. Torres Yvette S. Flores Luis M. Lovato
olmsted-environmental-services-inc Olmsted Environmental Services, Inc. commercial Ed Olmsted
olohana-foundation Olohana Foundation ngo Kalani Souza
olympic-national-forest Olympic National Forest federal Kathy A. O’Halloran
ontario-ministry-natural-resources Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources federal Changhui Peng Jeff Bowman
ontario-ministry-natural-resources-aquatic-research-development-section Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Aquatic Research and Development Section federal