identitier name types people
nevada-system-higher-education Nevada System of Higher Education academic
newberry-library-darcy-mcnickle-center-american-indian-indigenous-studies Newberry Library D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies research Frederick E. Hoxie
newcastle-university Newcastle University academic
newcastle-university-global-urban-research-unit Newcastle University Global Urban Research Unit research Abid Mehmood
newcastle-university-institute-research-environment-sustainability Newcastle University Institute for Research on Environment and Sustainability research Abid Mehmood Simin Davoudi
newcastle-university-school-civil-engineering-geosciences Newcastle University School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences academic Jim W. Hall Matt A. King Hayley J. Fowler Francesco Serinaldi Peter J. Clarke Elizabeth Petrie Philip Moore Richard J. Dawson Oliver Heidrich Craig Robson Alistair Ford Vassilis Glenis Maria Pregnolato Stuart Barr
newcastle-university-school-natural-environmental-sciences Newcastle University School of Natural and Environmental Sciences academic/research Alasdair J. Edwards
newcastle-university-water-resource-systems-research-laboratory Newcastle University Water Resource Systems Research Laboratory research Hayley J. Fowler
newclimate-institute NewClimate Institute commercial Niklas Höhne Hanna Fekete
new-energy-economy New Energy Economy Ryan Shaening Pokrasso
new-england-aquarium New England Aquarium ngo Hannah Pickard Scott D. Kraus Michael Tlusty
new-england-research-institutes New England Research Institutes research Eric A. Macklin
new-england-school-accupuncture New England School of Accupuncture academic Peter M. Wayne
new-hampshire-fish-game-department New Hampshire Fish and Game Department state
new-hope-environmental-services New Hope Environmental Services Paul C. Knappenberger
new-jersey-agricultural-experiment-station-sandy-hook-cooperative-research-programs New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Sandy Hook Cooperative Research Programs academic/research Katherine Ames Andrea Habeck William J. Schmelz Norbert P. Psuty
new-jersey-department-health New Jersey Department of Health state
new-jersey-department-health-environmental-occupational-health-surveillance-program New Jersey Department of Health Environmental and Occupational Health Surveillance Program state Jessie A. Gleason Jerald A. Fagliano
new-jersey-geological-water-survey New Jersey Geological and Water Survey state
new-jersey-geological-survey New Jersey Geological Survey state Peter J. Sugarman
new-jersey-institute-technology New Jersey Institute of Technology academic/research
new-jersey-institute-technology-department-chemistry-environmental-science New Jersey Institute of Technology Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science academic/research Nancy L. Jackson
new-jersey-institute-technology-department-mathematical-sciences New Jersey Institute of Technology Department of Mathematical Sciences academic Ji Meng Loh
new-jersey-institute-technology-john-a-reif-jr-department-civil-environmental-engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology John A. Reif, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering academic/research Xiaolong Geng Firas Saleh Zhan Shu Nancy Jackson Michael P. Weinstein Yves Robert Personna Michel C. Boufadel
new-jersey-resilient-coastal-communities-initiative New Jersey Resilient Coastal Communities Initiative regional