identitier name types people
olmsted-environmental-services-inc Olmsted Environmental Services, Inc. commercial Ed Olmsted
olohana-foundation Olohana Foundation ngo Kalani Souza
one-world-one-water-center One World One Water Center academic/research
ontario-ministry-natural-resources Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry federal Changhui Peng Jeff Bowman
ontario-ministry-natural-resources-forestry-aquatic-research-monitoring-section Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Aquatic Research and Monitoring Section regional Cindy Chu
ontario-ministry-natural-resources-aquatic-research-development-section Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Aquatic Research and Development Section federal
ontario-ministry-natural-resources-centre-northern-forest-ecosystem-research Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research regional Robert S. Rempel Len M. Hunt
ontario-ministry-attorney-general Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
ontario-ministry-environment Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change federal
opal-environmental-justice-oregon OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon research
open-university Open University academic/research
open-university-department-earth-environment-ecosystems Open University Department of Earth, Environment and Ecosystems academic/research Walter Oechel Tamsin L. Edwards Philip B. Holden Neil R. Edwards
oregon-climate-change-research-institute Oregon Climate Change Research Institute regional Philip W. Mote Meghan Dalton David E. Rupp Sihan Li Darrin J. Sharp
oregon-department-agriculture Oregon Department of Agriculture state
oregon-department-energy Oregon Department of Energy state Lesley Jantarasami
oregon-department-environmental-quality Oregon Department of Environmental Quality state Bruce Hope
oregon-department-fish-wildlife Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife state Hal Weeks Richard W. Carmichael Matthew Hunter Rod A. French
oregon-department-fish-wildlife-marine-resources-program Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Resources Program state David S. Fox Scott R. Marion
oregon-department-forestry Oregon Department of Forestry state Alan Kanaskie Danny Norlander
oregon-department-geology-mineral-industries Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries state Jonathan C. Allan
oregon-department-geology-mineral-industries-coastal-field-office Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Coastal Field Office state Jonathan C. Allan Laura L. Gabel
oregon-department-transportation Oregon Department of Transportation state
oregon-food-bank Oregon Food Bank non-profit
oregon-health-sciences-university Oregon Health and Sciences University academic/research Tom Becker
oregon-health-authority Oregon Health Authority state Paul R. Cieslak Emily A. York