identitier name types people
afbi-stormont-veterinary-laboratory Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Stormont Veterinary Laboratory national
agri-food-biosciences-institute-veterinary-sciences-division Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Veterinary Sciences Division academic/research Connor McMahon
agroparistech AgroParisTech academic Paul Leadley Juan F. Fernandez-Manjarrés V. Souchère
agweathernet AgWeatherNet research Gerrit Hoogenboom
airbus-defence-space Airbus Defence and Space commercial
air-force-quadrennial-defense-review Air Force Quadrennial Defense Review federal S.M. Rinaldi
air-loss-estimates-real-time-alert AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time ALERT commercial
air-worldwide AIR Worldwide commercial
ait-austrian-institute-technology AIT Austrian Institute of Technology academic/research Manfred Paier
aix-marseille-university Aix-Marseille University academic/research
ajh-environmental-services AJH Environmental Services commercial Anthony Jerome Hooten
alabama-cooperative-extension-system Alabama Cooperative Extension System academic LaDon Swann
alabama-department-public-health Alabama Department of Public Health state Kelly Stevens Melissa Morrison
alan-c-ziegler Alan C. Ziegler independent_scholar Alan C. Ziegler
alaska-biological-research Alaska Biological Research commercial Torre Jorgenson Gerald V. Frost
alaska-center-climate-assessment-policy Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy Sarah F. Trainor Philip Loring S. Craig Gerlach
alaska-climate-adaptation-science-center Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center academic/research Yekaterina Y. Kontar
alaska-climate-research-center Alaska Climate Research Center research Gerd Wendler Martha D. Shulski Blake Moore Lian Chen Kevin Galloway
alaska-csc Alaska Climate Science Center academic/federal (cooperative agreement) Jeremy Littell T. Scott Rupp
alaska-cooperative-fish-wildlife-research-unit Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit research Anthony David McGuire
alaska-department-commerce-community-economic-development Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development state
alaska-department-environmental-conservation Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation state Shelley L. Murray Nancy P. Napolilli Christine G. Allison
state-alaska-department-environmental-conservation-division-environmental-health Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Environmental Health state
alaska-department-fish-game Alaska Department of Fish and Game state Jay M. Ver Hoef Bruce W. Dale William B. Collins Lori Quakenbush
alaska-department-health-social-services Alaska Department of Health and Social Services state