identitier name types people
water-environment-research-foundation Water Environment Research Foundation non-profit
water-innovations-healthy-arctic-homes Water Innovations for Healthy Arctic Homes professional society/organization
waterloo-simulation-research-facility Waterloo Simulation Research Facility research John Robinson
water-research-foundation Water Research Foundation foundation
water-research-institute-irsa Water Research Institute IRSA research Caterina Levantesi Stefano Amalfitano
water-resources-publications-llc Water Resources Publications, LLC. commercial
watershed-professionals-network Watershed Professionals Network commercial Chris Heider Ed Salminen
water-supply-station-elbe Water supply station Elbe research Burkhard Stachel
water-utility-climate-alliance Water Utility Climate Alliance ngo
water-utility-climate-alliance-strategic-planning-committee Water Utility Climate Alliance Strategic Planning Committee ngo
wayne-gladys-valley-foundation Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation foundation
wayne-state-university Wayne State University academic Susan Smolinske Daniel M. Kashian
wayne-state-university-department-biological-sciences Wayne State University Department of Biological Sciences academic Trevor J. Krabbenhoft
wayne-state-university-department-emergency-medicine Wayne State University Department of Emergency Medicine academic/research Kelly R. Klein Perri Herzog Suzanne R. White
we-act-environmental-justice WE ACT for Environmental Justice non-profit Jalonne L. White-Newsome Cecil Corbin-Mark Peggy M. Shepard
weather-it-is-ltd Weather It Is, Ltd commercial Barry H. Lynn
weber-state-university Weber State University academic
weber-state-university-department-geography Weber State University Department of Geography academic Jesse L. Morris
weed-science-society-america Weed Science Society of America ngo
wellcome-trust Wellcome Trust foundation
wellesley-college Wellesley College academic
wellesley-college-department-biological-sciences Wellesley College Department of Biological Sciences academic Nicholas L. Rodenhouse
wellesley-college-department-geosciences Wellesley College Department of Geosciences academic Britt A. Argow
wells-national-estuarine-research-reserve Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve research Michele Dionne
werick-creative-solutions-llc Werick Creative Solutions LLC commercial William J. Werick