identitier name types people
university-texas-press University of Texas Press commercial
university-arctic University of the Arctic academic/research Hayley Hesseln
university-balearic-islands University of the Balearic Islands academic
university-balearic-islands-department-applied-economics University of the Balearic Islands Department of Applied Economics academic/research Jaume Rosselló Maria Santana-Gallego
university-basque-country University of the Basque Country academic/research Mikel Gonz√°lez-Eguino
university-pacific University of the Pacific academic/research
university-pacific-department-sociology University of the Pacific Department of Sociology academic/research Alison Hope Alkon
university-philippines University of the Philippines academic/research
university-philippines-marine-science-institute University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute academic/research Edgardo Gomez
university-republic University of the Republic academic/research
university-republic-faculty-science University of the Republic Faculty of Science academic/research Carlos Iglesias Frizzera
university-republic-institute-ecology-environmental-sciences University of the Republic Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences academic/research
university-republic-research-group-ecology-rehabilitation-aquatic-system University of the Republic Research Group in Ecology and Rehabilitation of Aquatic System academic/research Carlos Iglesias Frizzera
university-south-pacific University of the South Pacific academic
university-south-pacific-pacific-centre-environment-sustainable-development University of the South Pacific Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development academic/research Karen E. McNamara
university-south-pacific-pacific-studies University of the South Pacific Pacific Studies academic/research Roselyn Kumar
university-south-pacific-school-marine-studies University of the South Pacific School of Marine Studies academic Edward R. Lovell
university-sunshine-coast University of the Sunshine Coast academic/research Timothy F. Smith Ailbhe Travers Patrick D. Nunn
university-sunshine-coast-faculty-arts-business University of the Sunshine Coast Faculty of Arts and Business academic/research
university-sunshine-coast-school-science-engineering University of the Sunshine Coast School of Science and Engineering academic/research David Schoeman
university-sunshine-coast-sustainability-research-centre University of the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Research Centre academic/research Tristan Pearce
university-virgin-islands University of the Virgin Islands academic
university-western-cape University of the Western Cape academic/research
university-western-cape-department-biodiversity-conservation-biology University of the Western Cape The Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology academic/research Albertus Smit
university-west-indies-centre-resource-management-environmental-studies-cermes University of the West Indies Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies CERMES academic/research Iris Monnereau