identitier name types people
agency-toxic-substances-disease-registry Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry federal Radha Pennotti Lorraine Backer Jerry Thomas Heather R. Morrow-Almeida Andrew L. Dannenberg Stephen M. Vindigni Margalit Younger Mark Keim
agency-toxic-substances-disease-registry-division-community-health-investigations Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Division of Community Health Investigations federal Arthur M. Wendel
agency-toxic-substances-disease-registry-division-toxicology-human-health-sciences-dthhs Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences DTHHS federal Robin Lee Maria T.F. Thacker Alden K. Henderson
agnew-beck Agnew::Beck commercial
agresearch AgResearch research R. Andrew Carran Roberta Gentile Mike Dodd Mark Lieffering Shona C. Brock Phil W. Theobald Paul C. D. Newton
agresearch-grasslands-research-centre AgResearch Grasslands Research Centre research Estelle Dominati
agresearch-land-environment-management-group AgResearch Land and Environment Management Group research Paul C. D. Newton
agricultural-conservation-economics Agricultural Conservation Economics research Ralph E. Heimlich
agricultural-education-center-echem Agricultural Education Center Echem research Dietrich Landmann
agricultural-institute-san-michele-alladige Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige research
agricultural-institute-san-michele-alladige-research-innovation-centre Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige Research and Innovation Centre research Damiano Gianelle Nico Salmaso
agricultural-model-intercomparison-improvement-project-agmip Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) research
agricultural-research-organization-volcani-center Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center national
agricultural-research-organization-volcani-center-institute-animal-science Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center Institute of Animal Science national Shlomo Yahav
agricultural-research-service-eastern-regional-research-center Agricultural Research Service Eastern Regional Research Center federal Akwasi A. Boateng Andrew J. McAloon
us-department-agriculture-agricultural-research-service-james-phil-campbell-research-education-center-jprec Agricultural Research Service James Phil Campbell Research and Education Center JPREC federal Harry Schomberg
agricultural-research-service-microbial-food-safety-research-unit Agricultural Research Service Microbial Food Safety Research Unit federal Mark L. Tamplin
agricultural-research-service-pasture-systems-watershed-management-research-unit Agricultural Research Service Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit federal C. Alan Rotz Paul R. Adler R. Howard Skinner Curtis J. Dell Anthony R. Buda
agricultural-university-athens Agricultural University of Athens academic Athanasios Balafoutis Spyros Fountas
agricultural-university-norway Agricultural University of Norway academic/research
agricultural-university-norway-department-economics-social-sciences Agricultural University of Norway Department of Economics and Social Sciences academic/research Arild Angelsen
agricultural-university-plodiv Agricultural University - Plovdiv academic Anna Aladjadjiyan
agriculture-agri-food-canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada national Romain Marti Mark Sunohara Ed Topp Brian G. McConkey Roberta Gentile Graham Wilkes Julie Brassard David R. Lapen Tineke H. Jones Raymond Desjardins Y. Karimi-Zindashty Devon Worth Charles Tarnocai Henry Janzen Denis Angers Darrel Dwayne Cerkowniak Ruth Waldick Samuel Gameda
agriculture-agri-food-canada-swift-current-research-development-centre Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Swift Current Research and Development Centre academic/research Yining Niu Yantai Gan
agriculture-horticulture-development-board Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board research Ian R. Crute