identitier name types people
office-hank-paulson Office of Hank Paulson
office-hawaiian-affairs Office of Hawaiian Affairs
office-management-budget Office of Management and Budget federal
office-naval-research Office of Naval Research federal
office-technology-assessment Office of Technology Assessment
office-delaware-state-climatologist Office of the Delaware State Climatologist state/housed w/in academic David R. Legates
office-federal-register Office of the Federal Register federal
office-surgeon-general Office of the Surgeon General federal
office-washington-state-climatologist Office of the Washington State Climatologist state/housed w/in academic Karin A. Bumbaco Nicholas A. Bond
oglala-lakota-college Oglala Lakota College academic/research
oglala-lakota-college-department-social-work Oglala Lakota College Department of Social Work academic/research Josephine Chase
oglala-lakota-nation Oglala Lakota Nation tribal
ohio-agricultural-research-development-center Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center research Daniel A. Herms
ohio-country-journal Ohio Country Journal commercial
ohio-sea-grant-college-program Ohio Sea Grant College Program academic/federal (cooperative agreement)
ohio-state-university-carbon-management-sequestration-center Ohio State University Carbon Management and Sequestration Center academic/research Rattan Lal
ohio-state-university-department-plant-pathology Ohio State University Department of Plant Pathology academic/research P. Paul
ohio-university Ohio University academic James M. Dyer
ohio-university-department-environmental-plant-biology Ohio University Department of Environmental and Plant Biology academic Brian C. McCarthy
ohio-university-department-plant-forest-ecology Ohio University Department of Plant and Forest Ecology academic James M. Dyer
ohio-university-voinovich-school-leadership-public-affairs Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs academic/research Geoffrey D. Dabelko
okayama-university Okayama University academic
okayama-university-graduate-school-environmental-life-science Okayama University Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science academic Yuko Miyazaki
okayama-university-graduate-school-nature-science-technology Okayama University Graduate school of Nature Science and Technology academic Toru Nozawa
okayama-university-institute-planetary-materials Okayama University Institute for Planetary Materials academic Pru Foster