identitier name types people
catholic-university-sacred-heart-institute-clinical-obstetric-gynecology Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Institute of Clinical Obstetric and Gynecology academic/research Antonio Lanzone
catholic-university-sacred-heart-institute-economic-policy Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Institute of Economic Policy academic/research Raul Caruso
catie-climate-change-program CATIE Climate Change Program research Celia Martinez Pablo Imbach Raffaele Vignola
causeway-street-community-based-outpatient-clinic-boston Causeway Street Community Based Outpatient Clinic Boston research
causeway-street-community-based-outpatient-clinic-boston-normative-aging-study Causeway Street Community Based Outpatient Clinic Boston Normative Aging Study research Carolyn Aldwin
cawthron-institute Cawthron Institute research Benjamin Knight
cawthron-institute-coastal-freshwater-group Cawthron Institute Coastal and Freshwater Group research Joanne I. Ellis
cayman-islands Cayman Islands national
cayman-islands-department-environment Cayman Islands Department of Environment national Janice Blumenthal Lucy Collyer
cbc-news CBC News professional society/organization
cbs CBS commercial
cdm-smith CDM Smith commercial William J. Werick Jack C. Kiefer Akapelwa Imwiko
cdp-north-america CDP North America non-profit
cedars-sinai-medical-center Cedars Sinai Medical Center non-profit
cedars-sinai-medical-center-biostatistics-bioinformatics-research-center Cedars Sinai Medical Center Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Research Center non-profit Quanlin Li
cedars-sinai-medical-center-samuel-oschin-comprehensive-cancer-institute Cedars Sinai Medical Center Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute non-profit Quanlin Li
cellfree-bioinnovations-inc Cellā€Free Bioinnovations Inc. commercial Yi-Heng Percival J. Zhang
cellomics-toxicogenomics-research-laboratory Cellomics and Toxicogenomics Research Laboratory research Paul B. Tchounwou Wellington K. Ayensu Dwayne Sutton Nanuli Ninashvili
center-advanced-study-behavioral-sciences-stanford Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University research Neil J. Smelser William Julius Wilson
center-alaska-native-health-research Center for Alaska Native Health Research research S. Craig Gerlach
center-american-progress Center for American Progress non-profit Ellen-Marie Whelan Peter Ogden John Podesta Lia Cattaneo
center-new-american-security Center for a New American Security ngo Kurt Campbell
center-applied-biodiversity-science Center for Applied Biodiversity Science research Lee Hannah Graham J. Edgar
center-sustainable-coast Center for a Sustainable Coast ngo David Kyler
center-behavioral-health-statistics-quality Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality federal