Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Måns Nilsson 0000-0003-2157-1083 Stockholm Environment Institute Institutionalization or wither away? Twenty-five years of environmental policy integration under shifting governance models in Sweden
Maria Nilsson 0000-0003-3036-8546 Umeå University Umeå Centre for Global Health Research Invited Editorial: Climate change impacts on working people: How to develop prevention policies
P. Anders Nilsson 0000-0002-3541-9835 Lund University Department of Biology Food-chain length alters community responses to global change in aquatic systems
Sten Nilsson Forest Carbon Sinks in the Northern Hemisphere
Urban Nilsson Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre Short- and long-term effects of site preparation, fertilization and vegetation control on growth and stand development of planted loblolly pine
William B. Nilsson National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Northwest Fisheries Science Center Environmental influences on the seasonal distribution of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the Pacific Northwest of the USA
Nanuli Ninashvili Cellomics and Toxicogenomics Research Laboratory Review: Environmental exposure to mercury and its toxicopathologic implications for public health
Liang Ning Jiangsu Center for Collaborative Innovation in Geographical Information Resource Development and Application Nanjing Normal University School of Geography Science Key Laboratory of Virtual Geographic Environment Nanjing Normal University School of Mathematical Sciences Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Numerical Simulation of Large Scale Complex System Northeast Climate Science Center Department of Geosciences Northeast Climate Science Center University of Massachusetts Amherst Climate System Research Center Snow occurrence changes over the central and eastern United States under future warming scenarios NAO and PNA influences on winter temperature and precipitation over the eastern United States in CMIP5 GCMs
Zhu H. Ning Southern University and A&M College Integrated Assessment of the C...
Dominick V. Ninivaggi Suffolk County Vector Control Climate Change and Range Expansion of the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) in Northeastern USA: Implications for Public Health Practitioners Anthropogenic impacts on mosquito populations in North America over the past century
Aaron Ninokawa University of California, Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory Reversal of ocean acidification enhances net coral reef calcification
Rewati Niraula The University of Arizona Implications of projected climate change for groundwater recharge in the western United States
Euan G. Nisbet University of London Royal Holloway Department of Earth Sciences Global atmospheric methane: budget, changes and dangers
Matthew Nisbet George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication George Mason University Department of Communication Reframing climate change as a public health issue: an exploratory study of public reactions
Nicholas Nisbett The future of the global food system
A. Nishijima University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science Integrating risks of climate change into water management
Kazuya Nishina 0000-0002-8820-1282 National Institute for Environmental Studies Center for Global Environmental Research Carbon residence time dominates uncertainty in terrestrial vegetation responses to future climate and atmospheric CO2
Misako Nishino Biota of North America Program No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide
Naomi Nishino Loma Linda University School of Public Health Long-term ambient ozone concentration and the incidence of asthma in nonsmoking adults: The Ahsmog study
S. Nishino Aragonite Undersaturation in the Arctic Ocean: Effects of Ocean Acidification and Sea Ice Melt
Keith H. Nislow University of Massachusetts Amherst U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station Defining ecological drought for the twenty-first century
Richard G. Niswonger U.S. Geological Survey Role of surface-water and groundwater interactions on projected summertime streamflow in snow dominated regions: An integrated modeling approach
Monika Nitschke South Australian Department of Health South Australian Department of Health Department for Health and Ageing The effect of heat waves on hospital admissions for renal disease in a temperate city of Australia Impact of two recent extreme heat episodes on morbidity and mortality in Adelaide, South Australia: a case-series analysis Vulnerability to extreme heat and climate change: Is ethnicity a factor? The Effect of Heat Waves on Mental Health in a Temperate Australian City Morbidity and mortality during heatwaves in metropolitan Adelaide
Yining Niu 0000-0003-4849-9640 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Swift Current Research and Development Centre Gansu Agricultural University Gansu Provincial Key Laboratory for Aridland Crop Sciences Regulated deficit irrigation for crop production under drought stress. A review
Zhenguo Niu Beijing Normal University State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science Finer resolution observation and monitoring of global land cover: first mapping results with Landsat TM and ETM+ data