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Meriel Darzen Preparing for climate change in Washington State
Adrian J. Das 0000-0002-3937-2616 U.S. Geological Survey Western Ecological Research Center Does prescribed fire promote resistance to drought in low elevation forests of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA? What mediates tree mortality during drought in the southern Sierra Nevada?
Debjani Das The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Bureau of Communicable Disease Disease Control Program Diarrheal illness detected through syndromic surveillance after a massive power outage: New York City, August 2003
Himangshu Das Jackson State University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Vulnerability of coastal communities from storm surge and flood disasters
Sarah B. Das Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Department of Geology and Geophysics Seasonal speedup along the western flank of the Greenland Ice Sheet Molecular characterization of dissolved organic matter associated with the Greenland ice sheet
Tapash Das CH2M HILL Scripps Institution of Oceanography Scripps Institution of Oceanography CASPO Division Detection and Attribution of Streamflow Timing Changes to Climate Change in the Western United States Atmospheric Rivers, Floods and the Water Resources of California Increases in flood magnitudes in California under warming climates Future dryness in the southwest US and the hydrology of the early 21st century drought The key role of heavy precipitation events in climate model disagreements of future annual precipitation changes in California Human-Induced Changes in the Hydrology of the Western United States The importance of warm season warming to western U.S. streamflow changes The utility of daily large-scale climate data in the assessment of climate change impacts on daily streamflow in California Climate change and growth scenarios for California wildfire Attribution of Declining Western U.S. Snowpack to Human Effects Detection and Attribution of Temperature Changes in the Mountainous Western United States Structure and Detectability of Trends in Hydrological Measures over the Western United States Potential increase in floods in California’s Sierra Nevada under future climate projections Design and quantification of an extreme winter storm scenario for emergency preparedness and planning exercises in California
Rajarshi Das Bhowmik 0000-0002-2849-3180 North Carolina State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Synthesis of public water supply use in the United States: Spatio-temporal patterns and socio-economic controls
Samir Dasgupta University of Kalyani Women's Encounter With Disaste...
Soumya Dash ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Dairy Cattle Breeding Division Effect of heat stress on reproductive performances of dairy cattle and buffaloes: A review
Alexandre DaSilva National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Disease Division of Parasitic Diseases Locally acquired mosquito-transmitted malaria: A guide for investigations in the United States
Peter Daszak The Consortium for Conservation Medicine EcoHealth Alliance One Health: The Human-Animal-E... Emerging infectious diseases of plants: Pathogen pollution, climate change and agrotechnology drivers Host heterogeneity dominates West Nile virus transmission
Rajashree Datta The City College of New York Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Graduate Center of the City University of New York Arctic cut-off high drives the poleward shift of a new Greenland melting record
Bruce C. Daube Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Atmospheric observations of Arctic Ocean methane emissions up to 82° north Methane emissions from Alaska in 2012 from CARVE airborne observations
Alyssa Dausman U.S. Geological Survey Movement of the Saltwater Interface in the Surficial Aquifer System in Response to Hydrologic Stresses and Water-Management Practices, Broward County, Florida
Sandrine Dautheville Tenon Hospital Emergency Department Prognostic factors in non-exertional heatstroke
Daniel C. Dauwalter Trout Unlimited Flow regime, temperature, and biotic interactions drive differential declines of trout species under climate change
Apurva Dave ICF U.S. Global Change Research Program nca4 chapter A4 : Appendix 4: Looking Abroad: How Other Nations Approach a National Climate Assessment nca4 chapter 1 : Overview nca4 chapter 20 : U.S. Caribbean A4.1: Selected National Climate Assessments nca4 chapter 16 : Climate Effects on U.S. International Interests nca4 chapter 9 : Oceans and Marine Resources
Jayna M. Dave Baylor College of Medicine Departments of Pediatrics Children's Nutrition Research Center Neighborhood disparities in access to healthy foods and their effects on environmental justice
Ruutu Dave Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group III Technical Support Unit PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Climate Change 2007: Mitigation of Climate Change
Lisa A. Davenport 0000-0003-2341-740X University of Tennessee College of Nursing Disaster impact on impoverished area of US: An inter-professional mixed method study
Mae A. Davenport University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources "A lot of it comes from the heart": The nature and integration of ecological knowledge in tribal and nontribal forest management
Earl W. Davey National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory Atlantic Ecology Division Wetland loss patterns and inundation-productivity relationships prognosticate widespread salt marsh loss for southern New England
Matthew P. Davey University of Cambridge Department of Plant Sciences Biodiesel from algae: challenges and prospects
Phillip A. Davey A meta-analysis of elevated [CO2] effects on soybean (Glycine max) physiology, growth and yield
Laura David Coral reef ecosystems protect shore from high-energy waves under climate change scenarios