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Peter A. Stott

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research Author 3 articles
  1. Detection of a direct carbon dioxide effect in continental river runoff records
  2. Estimating signal amplitudes in optimal fingerprinting, Part I: Theory
  3. Identification of human-induced changes in atmospheric moisture content
Met Office Hadley Centre Author 18 articles
  1. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas contribution to flood risk in England and Wales in autumn 2000
  2. Attribution of anthropogenic influence on seasonal sea level pressure
  3. Attribution of polar warming to human influence
  4. Changing return periods of weather-related impacts: the attribution challenge
  5. Detection and attribution of climate change: a regional perspective
  6. Detection and attribution of observed changes in Northern Hemisphere spring snow cover
  7. Detection of human influence on twentieth-century precipitation trends
  8. Explaining Extreme Events of 2011 from a Climate Perspective
  9. Explaining Extreme Events of 2012 from a Climate Perspective
  10. Fingerprints of changes in annual and seasonal precipitation from CMIP5 models over land and ocean
  11. How climate change affects extreme weather events
  12. Human activity and anomalously warm seasons in Europe
  13. Human contribution to the European heatwave of 2003
  14. Identifying human influences on atmospheric temperature
  15. Models versus radiosondes in the free atmosphere: A new detection and attribution analysis of temperature
  16. Sensitivity of the attribution of near surface temperature warming to the choice of observational dataset
  17. Separating signal and noise in atmospheric temperature changes: The importance of timescale
  18. The Role of Human Activity in the Recent Warming of Extremely Warm Daytime Temperatures
Author 1 report
  1. wmo-attribution-2011
UK Meteorological Office Author 1 article
  1. Attribution of observed historical near-surface temperature variations to anthropogenic and natural causes using CMIP5 simulations
University of Exeter Department of Mathematics Author 1 article
  1. How climate change affects extreme weather events
University of Reading Department of Meteorology Author 1 article
  1. Probabilistic estimates of recent changes in temperature: A multi-scale attribution analysis
Met Office Hadley Centre Editor 2 articles
  1. Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective
  2. Explaining Extreme Events of 2015 from a Climate Perspective
Editor 2 reports
  1. bams-explaining-extreme-events-2013-climate-perspective
  2. bams-extreme-events-2014
University of Exeter Editor 1 article
  1. Explaining Extreme Events of 2015 from a Climate Perspective
Met Office Hadley Centre Point of Contact 2 articles
  1. How climate change affects extreme weather events
  2. Human contribution to the European heatwave of 2003
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