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Philippe Ciais

Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences Author 18 articles
  1. A Large and Persistent Carbon Sink in the World's Forests
  2. Can we reconcile atmospheric estimates of the Northern terrestrial carbon sink with land-based accounting?
  3. Climate extremes and the carbon cycle
  4. Contribution of anthropogenic and natural sources to atmospheric methane variability
  5. Contribution of semi-arid ecosystems to interannual variability of the global carbon cycle
  6. Evaluating the land and ocean components of the global carbon cycle in the CMIP5 earth system models
  7. Evaluation of global observations-based evapotranspiration datasets and IPCC AR4 simulations
  8. Evaluation of the terrestrial carbon cycle, future plant geography and climate-carbon cycle feedbacks using five Dynamic Global Vegetation Models (DGVMs)
  9. Global carbon budget 2014
  10. Global patterns and controls of soil organic carbon dynamics as simulated by multiple terrestrial biosphere models: Current status and future directions
  11. Influence of spring and autumn phenological transitions on forest ecosystem productivity
  12. Northern Hemisphere atmospheric stilling partly attributed to an increase in surface roughness
  13. Recent patterns and mechanisms of carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems
  14. Reduction of forest soil respiration in response to nitrogen deposition
  15. Terrestrial Gross Carbon Dioxide Uptake: Global Distribution and Covariation with Climate
  16. The challenge to keep global warming below 2°C
  17. Towards robust regional estimates of CO2 sources and sinks using atmospheric transport models
  18. Trends in the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide
Office of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Author 2 articles
  1. Global and regional drivers of accelerating CO2 emissions
  2. Recent decline in the global land evapotranspiration trend due to limited moisture supply
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