Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Michael Dettinger 0000-0002-7509-7332 Scripps Institution of Oceanography Scripps Institution of Oceanography CASPO Division Scripps Institution of Oceanography Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes Scripps Institution of Oceanography Climate Research Division U.S. Geological Survey U.S. Geological Survey National Research Program University of California, San Diego The coming megafloods Climate and Wildfire in the Western United States Assessing reservoir operations risk under climate change Flooding on California's Russian River: Role of atmospheric rivers Potential increase in floods in California’s Sierra Nevada under future climate projections Western water and climate change Changes in snowmelt runoff timing in western North America under a "business as usual" climate change scenario Potential impacts of climate change on groundwater resources – a global review Precipitation in a warming world: Assessing projected hydro-climate changes in California and other Mediterranean climate regions Changes in the Onset of Spring in the Western United States The utility of daily large-scale climate data in the assessment of climate change impacts on daily streamflow in California Storms, floods, and the science of atmospheric rivers Design and quantification of an extreme winter storm scenario for emergency preparedness and planning exercises in California Changes toward Earlier Streamflow Timing across Western North America A method for physically based model analysis of conjunctive use in response to potential climate changes Impact of climate variation on mosquito abundance in California Trends in Snowfall versus Rainfall in the Western United States Climate change, atmospheric rivers, and floods in California—A multimodel analysis of storm frequency and magnitude changes Attribution of Declining Western U.S. Snowpack to Human Effects Climate change projections of sea level extremes along the California coast Defining snow drought and why it matters nca3 chapter 3 : Water Resources Atmospheric Rivers, Floods and the Water Resources of California The key role of dry days in changing regional climate and precipitation regimes Large-Scale Atmospheric Forcing of Recent Trends toward Early Snowmelt Runoff in California Structure and Detectability of Trends in Hydrological Measures over the Western United States Climate change intensification of horizontal water vapor transport in CMIP5 Relations between climatic variability and hydrologic time series from four alluvial basins across the southwestern United States The response of Lake Tahoe to climate change 46: Water Resource Extraction and Distribution System Detection and Attribution of Streamflow Timing Changes to Climate Change in the Western United States Projected evolution of California's San Francisco Bay-Delta-River System in a century of climate change Increases in flood magnitudes in California under warming climates Characterizing Climate-Change Impacts on the 1.5-yr Flood Flow in Selected Basins across the United States: A Probabilistic Approach Human-Induced Changes in the Hydrology of the Western United States An Enhanced Archive Facilitating Climate Impacts and Adaptation Analysis Historical and national perspectives on extreme West Coast precipitation associated with atmospheric rivers during December 2010 Meteorological Characteristics and Overland Precipitation Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers Affecting the West Coast of North America Based on Eight Years of SSM/I Satellite Observations Atmospheric Rivers as Drought Busters on the U.S. West Coast
Douglas Deur Portland State University Cultivation of salmon and other marine resources on the northwest coast of North America
Curtis Deutsch 0000-0003-3923-0797 University of California, Los Angeles Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences University of Washington School of Oceanography Finding forced trends in oceanic oxygen Variability of the oxygen minimum zone in the tropical North Pacific during the late twentieth century Acceleration of oxygen decline in the tropical Pacific over the past decades by aerosol pollutants Climate-forced variability of ocean hypoxia Upper ocean O2 trends: 1958–2015
Roland Deutsch 0000-0002-5938-0330 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Department of Mathematics and Statistics A Sensitivity Analysis of the Social Vulnerability Index
Lyndon DeVantier Lyndon DeVantier Identifying the world's most climate change vulnerable species: A systematic trait-based assessment of all birds, amphibians and corals One-Third of Reef-Building Corals Face Elevated Extinction Risk from Climate Change and Local Impacts
David S DeVault Fish community change in Lake Superior, 1970–2000
Anne de Vernal 0000-0001-5656-724X University of Quebec in Montreal Research Center in Geochemistry and Geodynamics GEOTOP Reconstructed changes in Arctic sea ice over the past 1,450 years
Naresh Devineni 0000-0003-0311-8752 The City College of New York Department of Civil Engineering Center for Water Resources and Environmental Research Columbia Water Center NOAA Cooperative Remote Sensing Science & Technology Center CREST The future role of dams in the United States of America
Patrick Devine-Wright 0000-0001-5768-4835 University of Exeter Department of Geography University of Manchester Manchester Architecture Research Group Think global, act local? The relevance of place attachments and place identities in a climate changed world Close to the edge, down by the river? Joining up managed retreat and place attachment in a climate changed world
Jay Devkota University of Toledo Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Performance and cost-based comparison of green and gray infrastructure to control combined sewer overflows
Dan Devlin Kansas State University Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and Environment Ogallala Aquifer Program: A catalyst for research and education to sustain the Ogallala Aquifer on the Southern High Plains (2003–2017)
Donna J. Devlin Florida Atlantic University at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Department of Biological Sciences Postglacial expansion pathways of red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle, in the Caribbean Basin and Florida
Robert B. Devlin National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory Environmental Public Health Division Cardio-respiratory outcomes associated with exposure to wildfire smoke are modified by measures of community health Short-term effects of air temperature on mortality and effect modification by air pollution in three cities of Bavaria, Germany: A time-series analysis Interaction effects of temperature and ozone on lung function and markers of systemic inflammation, coagulation, and fibrinolysis: A crossover study of healthy young volunteers
Allan Devol University of Washington School of Oceanography The oceanic fixed nitrogen and nitrous oxide budgets: Moving targets as we enter the anthropocene? The combined effects of ocean acidification, mixing, and respiration on pH and carbonate saturation in an urbanized estuary
Andrew D. De Volder U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Spruce beetle outbreaks on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon Territory: Relationship to summer temperatures and regional differences in disturbance regimes
Sukumar Devotta National Environmental Engineering Research Institute Atmospheric Brown Clouds: Regional Assessment Report with Focus on Asia
Emmanuel Devred 0000-0001-9446-0005 Québec-Océan Takuvik Joint International Laboratory Université Laval Département de Biologie Recent Arctic Ocean sea ice loss triggers novel fall phytoplankton blooms
Hylke de Vries 0000-0002-6124-1102 Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI A high-end sea level rise probabilistic projection including rapid Antarctic ice sheet mass loss
Sjerp de Vries 0000-0002-0525-6967 Alterra Wageningen Environmental Research Morbidity is related to a green living environment
Daniel H. De Vries University of Amsterdam Department of Anthropology University of Amsterdam Department of Sociology Repetitive flood victims and acceptance of FEMA mitigation offers: an analysis with community-system policy implications
W. De Vries Global assessment of nitrogen deposition effects on terrestrial plant diversity: a synthesis
Heidi Dewar Southwest Fisheries Science Center Fisheries Resources Division Dynamic ocean management: Defining and conceptualizing real-time management of the ocean
Candida F. Dewes 0000-0003-1882-3710 Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory NREL Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences CIRES Earth System Research Laboratory Physical Sciences Division Anatomy of an interrupted irrigation season: Micro-drought at the Wind River Indian Reservation High-resolution climate modeling for regional adaptation
John F. Dewild 0000-0003-4097-2798 U.S. Geological Survey Mercury export from the Yukon River basin and potential response to a changing climate
La'Ona DeWilde University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Arctic Biology Vulnerability and adaptation to climate-related fire impacts in rural and urban interior Alaska