Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Sandra Zellmer University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law Managed Relocation: Integrating the Scientific, Regulatory, and Ethical Challenges
Mark Zeman Surdex Corporation 21.11: Meramec River Flooding photo v2
Katie Zemlick Sandia National Laboratories University of New Mexico Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Water supply as a constraint on transmission expansion planning in the Western interconnection Geographic footprint of electricity use for water services in the western U.S
Michael Zemp 0000-0003-2391-7877 World Glacier Monitoring Service University of Zurich Department of Geography Indicator: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance 1: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance 1: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance Global Glacier Change Bulletin No. 2 (2014-2015) Historically unprecedented global glacier decline in the early 21st century Indicator: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance 1: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance Indicator: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance
Charles S. Zender 0000-0003-0129-8024 University of California, Irvine University of California, Irvine Department of Earth System Science Springtime warming and reduced snow cover from carbonaceous particles Recent Northern Hemisphere tropical expansion primarily driven by black carbon and tropospheric ozone Climate effect of black carbon aerosol in a Tibetan Plateau glacier Coccidioidomycosis dynamics in relation to climate in the southwestern United States Climate controls on valley fever incidence in Kern County, California
Argyro Zenetos Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters Impacts of invasive alien marine species on ecosystem services and biodiversity: A pan-European review
Fanrong Zeng National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory The North Atlantic Oscillation as a driver of rapid climate change in the Northern Hemisphere Volcanic signals in oceans Investigating the influence of anthropogenic forcing and natural variability on the 2014 Hawaiian hurricane season [in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective”] On the seasonal forecasting of regional tropical cyclone activity Extreme North America winter storm season of 2013/14: Roles of radiative forcing and the global warming hiatus [in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective”] A link between the hiatus in global warming and North American drought The central role of ocean dynamics in connecting the North Atlantic Oscillation to the extratropical component of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Multimodel assessment of regional surface temperature trends: CMIP3 and CMIP5 twentieth-century simulations
Guang Zeng National Centre for Atmospheric Science National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry Centre for Atmospheric Science Impacts of climate change on surface ozone and intercontinental ozone pollution: A multi-model study Climate/chemistry feedbacks and biogenic emissions Global air quality and climate Multimodel estimates of intercontinental source-receptor relationships for ozone pollution Impacts of climate change, ozone recovery, and increasing methane on surface ozone and the tropospheric oxidizing capacity
Hongcheng Zeng Tulane University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Hurricane Katrina's carbon footprint on U.S. Gulf Coast forests
Ning Zeng 0000-0002-7489-7629 University of Maryland, College Park Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science University of Maryland, College Park Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center ESSIC Carbon cycle uncertainty in the Alaskan Arctic Global carbon budget 2014 Greening of the Earth and its drivers Global patterns and controls of soil organic carbon dynamics as simulated by multiple terrestrial biosphere models: Current status and future directions Agricultural green revolution as a driver of increasing atmospheric CO2 seasonal amplitude
Xubin Zeng 0000-0001-7352-2764 Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science Influence on severe storm development of irrigated land
Zhenzhong Zeng 0000-0001-6851-2756 Peking University College of Urban and Environmental Sciences Sino-French Institute for Earth System Science Greening of the Earth and its drivers
Shannon N. Zenk University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Health Systems Science Healthy food access for urban food desert residents: examination of the food environment, food purchasing practices, diet and BMI Distance to store, food prices, and obesity in urban food deserts
Melanie Zeppel Macquarie University Department of Biological Sciences Tree mortality from drought, insects, and their interactions in a changing climate
John I. Zerbe U.S. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory Thermal energy, electricity, and transportation fuels from wood
Alexandre N. Zerbini 0000-0002-9776-6605 Cascadia Research Collective Comparison of warm and cold years on the southeastern Bering Sea shelf and some implications for the ecosystem
Sarah Zerbonne ICF U.S. Global Change Research Program USGCRP nca4 chapter 14 : Human Health nca4 chapter 13 : Air Quality nca4 chapter 28 : Reducing Risks through Adaptation Actions
Chris E. Zervas National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Ocean Service Sea Level Rise and Nuisance Flood Frequency Changes Around the United States Cool-season sea level anomalies and storm surges along the U.S. East Coast: Climatology and comparison with the 2009/10 El Niño Modelling sea level rise impacts on storm surges along US coasts Sea Level Variations of the United States 1854–1999, NOAA Technical Report NOS CO-OPS 36
Chris Zganjar The Nature Conservancy Natural climate solutions
Haibo Zhai 0000-0001-8585-9559 Carnegie Mellon University Department of Engineering and Public Policy Consumptive water use from electricity generation in the Southwest under alternative climate, technology, and policy futures Water Use at Pulverized Coal Power Plants with Postcombustion Carbon Capture and Storage
P. Zhai Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation
Weidong Zhai Xiamen University State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science Acidification of subsurface coastal waters enhanced by eutrophication
Yunkai Zhai Engineering Laboratory of Henan Province for Internet Medical E-commerce and Active Health Services The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University National Engineering Laboratory for Internet Medical Systems and Applications Public health co-benefits of greenhouse gas emissions reduction: A systematic review
Liyang Zhan Key Laboratory of Global Change and Marine-Atmospheric Chemistry Increase in acidifying water in the western Arctic Ocean
Shengan Zhan 0000-0002-9303-1249 University of California, Los Angeles Department of Geography How much groundwater did California's Central Valley lose during the 2012–2016 drought?