Name ORCID Organizations Publications
E. Driesschaert Long-Term Climate Commitments Projected with Climate–Carbon Cycle Models
Sybren S. Drijfhout National Oceanography Centre Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI Utrecht University Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research The stability of the MOC as diagnosed from model projections for pre-industrial, present and future climates Is a decline of AMOC causing the warming hole above the North Atlantic in observed and modeled warming patterns? A high-end sea level rise probabilistic projection including rapid Antarctic ice sheet mass loss Reliability of regional climate model trends Making sense of palaeoclimate sensitivity
Kenneth F. Drinkwater Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Institute of Marine Research IMR Pathways between primary production and fisheries yields of large marine ecosystems
Laurie E. Drinkwater Cornell University Department of Horticulture Sources of Nitrate Yields in the Mississippi River Basin
Mark R. Drinkwater European Space Agency European Space Research and Technology Centre Earth Gravity Field from Space...
Charles T. Driscoll 0000-0003-2692-2890 Syracuse University Syracuse University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Effects of nitrogen deposition and empirical nitrogen critical loads for ecoregions of the United States Long-Term Effects of Acid Rain: Response and Recovery of a Forest Ecosystem Consequences of climate change for biogeochemical cycling in forests of northeastern North AmericaThis article is one of a selection of papers from NE Forests 2100: A Synthesis of Climate Change Impacts on Forests of the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada. Long-Term Integrated Studies Show Complex and Surprising Effects of Climate Change in the Northern Hardwood Forest
David Driscoll University of Virginia nca4 chapter 26 : Alaska
John C. Driscoll Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System The age of reason: Financial decisions over the life cycle and implications for regulation
Alexander Drosses McMaster University Department of Psychiatry Examining relationships between climate change and mental health in the Circumpolar North
Laurent Drouet 0000-0002-7210-308X Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change CMCC Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei FEEM A multi-model assessment of the co-benefits of climate mitigation for global air quality Scenarios towards limiting global mean temperature increase below 1.5 °C
Matthew L. Druckenmiller 0000-0003-1807-6567 University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute Sea-ice system services: A framework to help identify and meet information needs relevant for Arctic observing networks
Mark A. Drummond U.S. Geological Survey U.S. Geological Survey Rocky Mountain Geographic Science Center The FORE-SCE model: a practical approach for projecting land cover change using scenario-based modeling Land-cover change in the conterminous United States from 1973 to 2000 Land change variability and human–environment dynamics in the United States Great Plains Land-use pressure and a transition to forest-cover loss in the eastern United States
Martin S. Drut U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Migratory Bird Management U.S. Shorebird Management Plan: Northern Pacific Coast Regional Shorebird Management Plan
John S. Dryzek The Australian National University Australian Research Council The Oxford Handbook of Climate...
Weiwei Du Queensland University of Technology Health impacts of floods
Carlos M. Duarte 0000-0002-1213-1361 Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies IMEDEA Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies Global Change Research Department The University of Western Australia Oceans Institute The University of Western Australia School of Plant Biology Impacts of ocean acidification on marine organisms: quantifying sensitivities and interaction with warming Plumbing the Global Carbon Cycle: Integrating Inland Waters into the Terrestrial Carbon Budget Biological mechanisms supporting adaptation to ocean acidification in coastal ecosystems
Oeindrila Dube New York University Commodity price shocks and civil conflict: Evidence from Colombia
Manvendra K. Dubey 0000-0002-3492-790X Los Alamos National Laboratory Earth and Environmental Sciences Division Ice-core data evidence for a prominent near 20 year time-scale of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Isolating the anthropogenic component of Arctic warming
Alfonse Dubi 0000-0002-7003-3591 University of Dar es Salaam Institute of Marine Sciences Coral Reefs Under Rapid Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
Zvy Dubinsky The Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University Coral Reefs: An Ecosystem in T...
Natalie S. Dubois Defenders of Wildlife Preparing for and managing change: climate adaptation for biodiversity and ecosystems Biodiversity in a changing climate: a synthesis of current and projected trends in the US
Mark J. Ducey 0000-0002-2027-1188 University of New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources & the Environment Carbon changes in conterminous US forests associated with growth and major disturbances: 1992–2001 A comment to “Large-scale bioenergy from additional harvest of forest biomass is neither sustainable nor greenhouse gas neutral”: Important insights beyond greenhouse gas accounting
Louis Duchesne Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks Directorate of Forest Research Interannual and spatial variability of maple syrup yield as related to climatic factors
Sophie Duchesne National Institute of Scientific Research Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre Design Criteria of Urban Drainage Infrastructures under Climate Change
Michael Duckworth Abt Associates, Inc. Stratus Consulting Climate change impacts on extreme temperature mortality in select metropolitan areas in the United States Multi-Model Framework for Quantitative Sectoral Impacts Analysis Projected climate change impacts on skiing and snowmobiling: A case study of the United States