Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Ryan J. Niemeyer 0000-0002-4618-0372 University of Idaho College of Natural Resources Indicators of climate change in Idaho: An assessment framework for coupling biophysical change and social perception
Gerald J. Niemi University of Minnesota, Duluth Department of Biology University of Minnesota, Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute Analysis of combined data sets yields trend estimates for vulnerable spruce-fir birds in northern United States
Jarad Niemi 0000-0002-5079-158X Iowa State University Department of Statistics Prairie strips improve biodiversity and the delivery of multiple ecosystem services from corn–soybean croplands
Jarkko V. Niemi 0000-0001-8914-9853 Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority University of Helsinki Department of Environmental Sciences Effects of long-range transported air pollution from vegetation fires on daily mortality and hospital admissions in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland
John A. Nienaber U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Meat Animal Research Center Potential climate change effects on warm-season livestock production in the Great Plains Benefits of providing shade to feedlot cattle of different breeds Water spray cooling during handling of feedlot cattle
Peter Nienow The University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences Seasonal variations in Greenland Ice Sheet motion: Inland extent and behaviour at higher elevations
Frank Niepold National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Claudia Nierenberg National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration From global change science to action with social sciences
Kate Nierenberg Mote Marine Laboratory Recreational exposure to microcystins during algal blooms in two California lakes
Christopher T. Nietch Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences University of South Carolina Department of Biological Sciences Responses of coastal wetlands to rising sea level
Raquel Nieto University of Lisbon Institute Dom Luiz IDL University of Vigo Faculty of Science Environmental Physics Laboratory EPhysLab Trends and extremes of drought indices throughout the 20th century in the Mediterranean
Albert Nieuwenhuijs Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO The state and the threat of cascading failure across critical infrastructures: The implications of empirical evidence from media incident reports
L. A. Nieves U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Breathing polluted air
Pedro Nieves U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources Coastal Zone Management Division nca4 chapter 20 : U.S. Caribbean
Veronica Nieves 0000-0003-0024-8383 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory University of California, Los Angeles Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering Recent hiatus caused by decadal shift in Indo-Pacific heating The global warming hiatus: Slowdown or redistribution?
Sumant Nigam University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, College Park Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science University of Maryland, College Park Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center ESSIC North American Climate in CMIP5 Experiments. Part II: Evaluation of Historical Simulations of Intraseasonal to Decadal Variability Key role of the North Pacific Oscillation–West Pacific Pattern in generating the extreme 2013/14 North American winter The North Pacific Oscillation–West Pacific teleconnection pattern: Mature-phase structure and winter impacts AMO’s structure and climate footprint in observations and IPCC AR5 climate simulations
Kendra K. Nightingale Texas Tech University Department of Animal and Food Sciences Landscape and meteorological factors affecting prevalence of three food-borne pathogens in fruit and vegetable farms
Lise E. Nigrovic Children's Hospital Boston Division of Emergency Medicine Geographic expansion of Lyme disease in Michigan, 2000–2014
Bart Nijssen 0000-0002-4062-0322 The University of Arizona Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics The University of Arizona Department of Hydrology and Water Resources University of Washington Department of Civil Engineering University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Is climate change implicated in the 2013–2014 California drought? A hydrologic perspective A long-term hydrologically based dataset of land surface fluxes and states for the conterminous United States: Update and extensions Changes in observed climate extremes in global urban areas Moisture flux convergence in regional and global climate models: Implications for droughts in the southwestern United States under climate change Effects of climate change on snowpack and fire potential in the western USA Streamflow simulation for continental-scale river basins A Long-Term Hydrologically Based Dataset of Land Surface Fluxes and States for the Conterminous United States
B. Nikiforov National Centre of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition International study of temperature, heat and urban mortality: the 'ISOTHURM' project
Pascal A. Niklaus ETH Zurich Institute for Plant Sciences Agroecosystems in a Changing C...
George Nikolich Desert Research Institute Particulate dust emission factors from unpaved roads in the U.S.–Mexico border semi-arid region
Janko Nikolich-Žugich 0000-0001-5830-5323 Oregon Health & Science University Oregon National Primate Research Center Oregon Health & Science University Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute The University of Arizona Center on Aging The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson Department of Immunobiology Key role of T cell defects in age-related vulnerability to West Nile virus
Linda Waimarie Nikora 0000-0002-0514-4236 University of Waikato School of Psychology Place attachment of Ngāi Te Ahi to Hairini Marae
V. Nilsen Norwegian University of Life Sciences Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology Analysing urban floods and combined sewer overflows in a changing climate