Name ORCID Organizations Publications
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Rudolf S de Groot International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development ICIS Wageningen University Environmental Systems Analysis Group Changes in the global value of ecosystem services A typology for the classification, description and valuation of ecosystem functions, goods and services
John P. DeGroote University of Northern Iowa Department of Geography GeoInformatics, Training, Research, Education, and Extension Center GeoTREE National and Regional Associations Between Human West Nile Virus Incidence and Demographic, Landscape, and Land Use Conditions in the Coterminous United States
Lucas DeGroote Carnegie Museum of Natural History Powdermill Nature Reserve Long-term climate impacts on breeding bird phenology in Pennsylvania, USA
Steven De Gryze University of California, Davis Department of Plant Sciences Effect of climate change on field crop production in California’s Central Valley
Ahmed Mohamed Degu Tennessee Technological University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering The influence of large dams on surrounding climate and precipitation patterns
Patrick W. DeHaan U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Abernathy Fish Technology Center Conservation Genetics Program Genetic diversity is related to climatic variation and vulnerability in threatened bull trout
Mohammed Dehbi KFSH Departments of Comparative Medicine Prognostic Factors in Heat Wave–Related Deaths: A Meta-analysis
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Elizabeth A. Deitch The University of New Orleans Department of Management and Marketing Preexisting mental illness and risk for developing a new disorder after hurricane Katrina
Rebeca de Jesús Crespo 0000-0003-1686-3575 National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory Gulf Ecology Division Linking wetland ecosystem services to vector-borne disease: Dengue fever in the San Juan Bay Estuary, Puerto Rico
Richard de Jeu VU University Amsterdam Department of Earth Sciences VU University Amsterdam Department of Hydrology and Geo-environmental Sciences VU University Amsterdam Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences Evaluating global trends (1988-2010) in harmonized multi-satellite surface soil moisture Trend-preserving blending of passive and active microwave soil moisture retrievals Recent decline in the global land evapotranspiration trend due to limited moisture supply
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Konstantinos Dekas IASO Maternity Hospital Climate changes, environment and infection: Facts, scenarios and growing awareness from the public health community within Europe
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Francisco de la Chesnaye Electric Power Research Institute nca3 chapter 27 : Mitigation Overview of EMF 22 U.S. transition scenarios
Jacqueline L. De La Cour Global Science and Technology Inc National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coral Reef Watch Global coral bleaching 2014-2017: Status and an appeal for observations
Ian H. DeLacy The University of Queensland School of Agriculture and Food Sciences Speed breeding is a powerful tool to accelerate crop research and breeding
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