Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Paul Ekins University College London Institute for Sustainable Resources The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2°C
James Ekmann National Energy Technology Laboratory SAP 4.5 Effects of Climate Change on Energy Production and Use in the United States
Joanna Ekrem Washington State Department of Ecology Preparing for a Changing Climate. Washington State’s Integrated Climate Response Strategy. Publication No. 12-01-004
Julia A. Ekstrom Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Natural Resources Defense Council University of California, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley Climate and Energy Policy Institute University of California, Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy Vulnerability and adaptation of US shellfisheries to ocean acidification Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation: A Diagnostic Framework. Final Project Report. Publication Number: CEC-500-2011-004 Coral reefs and people in a high-CO2 world: Where can science make a difference to people? Developing Adaptation Strategies for San Luis Obispo County: Preliminary Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Social Systems. Technical Report Identifying and overcoming barriers in urban climate adaptation: Case study findings from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA Projecting Age-Stratified Risk of Exposure to Inland Flooding and Wildfire Smoke in the United States under Two Climate Scenarios Gauging climate preparedness to inform adaptation needs: Local level adaptation in drinking water quality in CA, USA Rising to the Challenge: Results of the 2011 Coastal California Adaptation Needs Assessment. USCSG-TR-01-2012 Taking ownership of climate change: participatory adaptation planning in two local case studies from California A framework to diagnose barriers to climate change adaptation Ocean acidification risk assessment for Alaska’s fishery sector Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in San Francisco Bay: Results from Case Studies. Publication number: CEC-500-2012-034
Brenda Ekwurzel 0000-0003-3950-281X Union of Concerned Scientists nca4 chapter 29 : Reducing Risks through Emissions Mitigation
Robin Elahi Stanford University Hopkins Marine Station The resilience of marine ecosystems to climatic disturbances
Hesham El-Askary Alexandria University Faculty of Science Department of Environmental Sciences Chapman University Schmid College of Science and Technology Regional dust storm modeling for health services: The case of valley fever
Alexis Elbaz 0000-0001-9724-5490 National Institute of Health and Medical Research Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health INSERM U1018 University College London Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Traffic-related air pollution in relation to cognitive function in older adults
Bo Elberling 0000-0002-6023-885X University of Copenhagen Center for Permafrost CENPERM Permafrost thawing in organic Arctic soils accelerated by ground heat production Estimated stocks of circumpolar permafrost carbon with quantified uncertainty ranges and identified data gaps A scalable model for methane consumption in Arctic mineral soils
Mary Ann Elder Allergy and Asthma Specialists Recent warming by latitude associated with increased length of ragweed pollen season in central North America
William Elder U.S. National Park Service e13cdf2e-0699-4c52-a642-56c8fc3317c4 34.11: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect 03937439-cc5a-45c7-a0fd-78b863c49979 33.1: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect
Lucius G. Eldredge Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum An Overview of Marine Biodiversity in United States Waters
Bruce Eldridge University of California, Davis Center for Vector-borne Diseases Impact of climate variation on mosquito abundance in California
Sigmund Elgarøy Sami National Centre for Mental Health - SANKS Examining relationships between climate change and mental health in the Circumpolar North
M. James Eliades National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Disease Division of Parasitic Diseases Locally acquired mosquito-transmitted malaria: A guide for investigations in the United States
Edwin Elias Deltares U.S. Geological Survey Many atolls may be uninhabitable within decades due to climate change Numerical modeling of the impact of sea-level rise on fringing coral reef hydrodynamics and sediment transport
Emile H. Elias 0000-0001-9964-3177 U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Jornada Experimental Range U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Range Management Research Unit U.S. Department of Agriculture Southwest Climate Hub nca4 chapter 25 : Southwest Vulnerabilities of southwestern U.S. rangeland-based animal agriculture to climate change Vulnerability of California specialty crops to projected mid-century temperature changes Assessing climate change impacts on water availability of snowmelt-dominated basins of the Upper Rio Grande basin Climate change, agriculture and water resources in the southwestern United States
Patricia Elias The Nature Conservancy Natural climate solutions
Melissa N. Eliot Brown University Brown University Department of Epidemiology Brown University School of Public Health 18.11: Observed and Projected Impacts of Excess Heat on Emergency Room Visits in Rhode Island Projected temperature-related deaths in ten large U.S. metropolitan areas under different climate change scenarios Current and projected heat-related morbidity and mortality in Rhode Island Heat-related morbidity and mortality in New England: Evidence for local policy
Aly I. El-Kadi University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Department of Geology and Geophysics SOEST University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Water Resources Research Center WRRC Development of a model to simulate groundwater inundation induced by sea-level rise and high tides in Honolulu, Hawaii
Karen Elkind-Hirsch Tulane University Department of Epidemiology Woman's Health Research Institute Woman's Hospital Postpartum mental health after Hurricane Katrina: A cohort study Exposure to Hurricane Katrina, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Birth Outcomes Hurricane Katrina-related maternal stress, maternal mental health, and early infant temperament Loss of resources and hurricane experience as predictors of postpartum depression among women in southern Louisiana Hurricane Katrina experience and the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression among pregnant women
James W. Elkins 0000-0003-4701-3100 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth System Research Laboratory Earth System Research Laboratory Global Monitoring Division The role of carbon dioxide in climate forcing from 1979 to 2004: introduction of the Annual Greenhouse Gas Index A record of atmospheric halocarbons during the twentieth century from polar firn air Law Dome CO2, CH4 and N2O ice core records extended to 2000 years BP Atmospheric observations of Arctic Ocean methane emissions up to 82° north
Jennifer Elkins The University of Georgia School of Social Work Historical trauma among indigenous peoples of the Americas: Concepts, research, and clinical considerations
Rachel B. Elkins University of California Cooperative Extension Soil suitability index identifies potential areas for groundwater banking on agricultural lands
Joe Elkinton University of Massachusetts Amherst Division of Entomology University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate Program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Role of winter temperature and climate change on the survival and future range expansion of the hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) in eastern North America