Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Caleb Crow Texas Tech University Climate Science Center Texas Tech University Department of Political Science Climate–water quality relationships in Texas reservoirs
Larry B. Crowder Duke University Marine Laboratory Ecosystem impacts of three sequential hurricanes (Dennis, Floyd, and Irene) on the United States' largest lagoonal estuary, Pamlico Sound, NC
Francesca L Crowe Meat consumption and mortality - results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition
Mark Crowell Federal Emergency Management Agency An Estimate of the U.S. Population Living in 100-Year Coastal Flood Hazard Areas
Todd A. Crowl Utah State University The spread of invasive species and infectious disease as drivers of ecosystem change
Jillian Crowley University of New Hampshire College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Climate change: Potential impacts on frost–thaw conditions and seasonal load restriction timing for low-volume roadways
Thomas J. Crowley Applied Research Corporation Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences Texas A&M University Department of Oceanography Causes of Climate Change Over the Past 1000 Years Climate and carbon-cycle variability over the last millennium Detection of Human Influence on a New, Validated 1500-Year Temperature Reconstruction Are there any satisfactory geologic analogs for a future greenhouse warming?
M. Suzanne Crowther Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of the Commissioner Emergency preparedness for vulnerable populations: People with special health-care needs
Lisa G. Crozier National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Northwest Fisheries Science Center nca4 chapter 7 : Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity PERSPECTIVE: Potential responses to climate change in organisms with complex life histories: evolution and plasticity in Pacific salmon Using Time Series Analysis to Characterize Evolutionary and Plastic Responses to Environmental Change: A Case Study of a Shift toward Earlier Migration Date in Sockeye Salmon 7.2: Genetic Diversity and Climate Exposure Plastic and evolutionary responses to climate change in fish
M.J. Crozier Victoria University of Wellington School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences Deciphering the effect of climate change on landslide activity: A review
Terri Cruce Terri Cruce Climate Change Adaptation: What Federal Agencies are Doing, February 2012 Update Adapting to Climate Change: A Call for Federal Leadership
M. Crucifix Making sense of palaeoclimate sensitivity
Nancy F. Crum-Cianflone 0000-0002-6127-7906 U.S. Navy Naval Medical Center San Diego Infectious Diseases Clinic Coccidioidomycosis in the U.S. Military: A Review
Kathryn G. Crummer University of Florida Department of Biology The effect of permafrost thaw on old carbon release and net carbon exchange from tundra
Richard M. Cruse Iowa State University Department of Agronomy AGRICULTURE: Sustainable Biofuels Redux
John Crusius U.S. Geological Survey Coastal and Marine Geology Program CMGP Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Glacial influence on the geochemistry of riverine iron fluxes to the Gulf of Alaska and effects of deglaciation
Ian R. Crute Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Food security: The challenge of feeding 9 billion people The future of the global food system
Paul J. Crutzen Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Indirect chemical effects of methane on climate warming
Ana Maria Cruz 0000-0003-0268-0129 European Commission Joint Research Centre Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research Institute Vulnerability of the oil and gas sector to climate change and extreme weather events Natech risk and management: An assessment of the state of the art
Armah De La Cruz National Exposure Research Laboratory Microbial Exposure Research Branch Assessment of residential rain barrel water quality and use in Cincinnati, Ohio
Edite Cruz Delft University of Technology School of Technology, Policy and Management The state and the threat of cascading failure across critical infrastructures: The implications of empirical evidence from media incident reports
Faye Cruz Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Determining robust impacts of land-use-induced land cover changes on surface climate over North America and Eurasia: Results from the first set of LUCID experiments
Francesco Cubadda 0000-0003-3454-7947 National Institute of Health Climate change and food safety: An emerging issue with special focus on Europe
Ulrich Cubasch 0000-0001-9628-4666 Free University Berlin Institute of Meteorology Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies A model-data comparison of European temperatures in the Eemian interglacial Extreme North America winter storm season of 2013/14: Roles of radiative forcing and the global warming hiatus [in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective”]
Catherine Cubbin University of California, San Francisco Department of Family and Community Medicine Center on Social Disparities in Health Socioeconomic status in health research: One size does not fit all