Name ORCID Organizations Publications
John A. Dracup University of California, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of California, Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Basin-scale water system operations with uncertain future climate conditions: Methodology and case studies Robust analysis of future climate change impacts on water for agriculture and other sectors: a case study in the Sacramento Valley Climate change impacts on high elevation hydropower generation in California’s Sierra Nevada: A case study in the Upper American River
H. Dragert
Danilo Dragoni Indiana University Bloomington Department of Geography Evidence of increased net ecosystem productivity associated with a longer vegetated season in a deciduous forest in south-central Indiana, USA Terrestrial biosphere models need better representation of vegetation phenology: Results from the North American Carbon Program Site Synthesis The role of isohydric and anisohydric species in determining ecosystem-scale response to severe drought Increase in forest water-use efficiency as atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations rise Interannual and spatial impacts of phenological transitions, growing season length, and spring and autumn temperatures on carbon sequestration: A North America flux data synthesis
Donald R. Drake University of Hawai'i at Manoa Department of Botany Climate-associated population declines reverse recovery and threaten future of an iconic high-elevation plant
Isabel Drake Meat consumption and mortality - results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition
Jeanette L. Drake University of Michigan at Dearborn Communicating Climate-Change a...
John B. Drake 0000-0001-9763-3653 University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering The impact of emission and climate change on ozone in the United States under representative concentration pathways (RCPs)
John M. Drake 0000-0003-4646-1235 The University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology Regional differences in the association between land cover and West Nile virus disease incidence in humans in the United States
Katherine Drake Indiana University Bloomington School of Public and Environmental Affairs Carbon sequestration in tidal salt marshes of the northeast United States
Victoria Drake North Shore University Hospital St. Luke's–Roosevelt Hospital Center Department of Surgery Preoperative nutritional status of patients undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for morbid obesity
Evangelia G. Drakou Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability Land Resource Management Unit Current status and future prospects for the assessment of marine and coastal ecosystem services: A systematic review
Helge Drange Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Uni Research University of Bergen Geophysical Institute External forcing as a metronome for Atlantic multidecadal variability
Raymond J. Drapek 0000-0002-5475-4444 U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Global patterns in the vulnerability of ecosystems to vegetation shifts due to climate change Simulated response of conterminous United States ecosystems to climate change at different levels of fire suppression, CO2 emission rate, and growth response to CO2 Impacts of climate change on fire regimes and carbon stocks of the U.S. Pacific Northwest
Dianne Draper 0000-0003-3220-1811 University of Calgary Department of Geography Sea Ice in Canada’s Arctic: Implications for Cruise Tourism
Patrick Drayna Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Pediatrics Association between rainfall and pediatric emergency department visits for acute gastrointestinal illness
Jeffrey C. Drazen 0000-0001-9613-3833 University of Hawai'i at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology Climate change is projected to reduce carrying capacity and redistribute species richness in North Pacific pelagic marine ecosystems
Maria Fernanda Dreccer 0000-0003-3528-9580 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Climate Adaptation Flagship Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Plant Industry Cooper Laboratory Plant adaptation to climate change—opportunities and priorities in breeding
Joel Dreessen 0000-0001-5597-0205 Maryland Department of the Environment Air Monitoring Program Observations and impacts of transported Canadian wildfire smoke on ozone and aerosol air quality in the Maryland region on June 9–12, 2015
William M. Drennan University of Miami High-latitude ocean and sea ice surface fluxes: Challenges for climate research
Matthew A. Dresser Montana State University Ecological consequences of mountain pine beetle outbreaks for wildlife in western North American Forests
Mark B. Drew Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center Productivity and species richness across an environmental gradient in a fire-dependent ecosystem
Adam Drewnowski 0000-0002-6509-3290 University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition Obesity, diets, and social inequalities
Judith Z. Drexler 0000-0002-0127-3866 U.S. Geological Survey California Water Science Center U.S. Geological Survey second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 13 : Terrestrial Wetlands Modeling tidal freshwater marsh sustainability in the Sacramento–San Joaquin delta under a broad suite of potential future scenarios
E. Driesschaert Long-Term Climate Commitments Projected with Climate–Carbon Cycle Models
Gerard Driessen VU University Amsterdam Department of Ecological Science Adapt or disperse: Understanding species persistence in a changing world