Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Monica Bucci Center for Youth Wellness Toxic stress in children and adolescents
Sandra J. Bucci 0000-0003-1079-9277 National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco Faculty of Natural Sciences Global convergence in the vulnerability of forests to drought
Gary Bucciarelli University of California, Los Angeles Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Effects of natural flooding and manual trapping on the facilitation of invasive crayfish–native amphibian coexistence in a semi-arid perennial stream
Joseph B. Buchanan Cascadia Research Collective U.S. Shorebird Management Plan: Northern Pacific Coast Regional Shorebird Management Plan
Maya K. Buchanan Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Allowances for evolving coastal flood risk under uncertain local sea-level rise Amplification of flood frequencies with local sea level rise and emerging flood regimes
Susan Buchanan National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Service Assessment: Hurricane/Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy, October 22–29, 2012
Nina Buchmann 0000-0003-0826-2980 ETH Zurich Effects of climate extremes on the terrestrial carbon cycle: Concepts, processes and potential future impacts Climate extremes and the carbon cycle
Andy Buchsbaum National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center Joint analysis of stressors and ecosystem services to enhance restoration effectiveness
Dedra Buchwald 0000-0002-9005-0110 University of Washington Department of Epidemiology Stroke in American Indians and Alaska Natives: A systematic review
Petra Buchwald Stress and Anxiety. Applicatio...
Barbara J. Buckley National Center for Environmental Assessment Particulate matter–induced health effects: Who is susceptible?
Brendan M. Buckley 0000-0003-1544-8003 Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia
Lauren B. Buckley 0000-0003-1315-3818 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Biology University of Washington Department of Biology Fine-grain modeling of species’ response to climate change: Holdouts, stepping-stones, and microrefugia Global imprint of climate change on marine life Footprints of climate change in US national park visitation The pace of shifting climate in marine and terrestrial ecosystems Geographical limits to species-range shifts are suggested by climate velocity
Martha W. Buckley Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. George Mason University Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences Observations, inferences, and mechanisms of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: A review
Nicole Buckley Canadian Space Agency Expanded benefits for humanity from the International Space Station
Timothy J. Buckley Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Impact of the 2002 Canadian Forest Fires on Particulate Matter Air Quality in Baltimore City
Stephen Buckman University of South Florida School of Public Affairs Overlooking the coast: Limited local planning for coastal area management along Michigan’s Great Lakes
Magdalena M. Bucur University of Bucharest Research Center in Systems Ecology, Ecodiversity and Sustainability Linkages between biodiversity attributes and ecosystem services: A systematic review
Anthony R. Buda Agricultural Research Service Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Pasture and Watershed Management Research Unit Extreme precipitation patterns and reductions of terrestrial ecosystem production across biomes Ecosystem resilience despite large-scale altered hydroclimatic conditions
Robert W. Buddemeier Kansas Geological Survey Climate change impacts on freshwater fish, coral reefs, and related ecosystem services in the United States Projected Changes to Growth and Mortality of Hawaiian Corals over the Next 100 Years A modeling tool to evaluate regional coral reef responses to changes in climate and ocean chemistry Quantifying and valuing potential climate change impacts on coral reefs in the United States: Comparison of two scenarios Climate change impacts on U.S. Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
Andrew Buddenberg 0000-0003-2047-6527 Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites - NC 5ae3d8d8-64d1-4dab-a08a-4ec46a58e3da c8ef3fa3-ff66-46ca-a1e0-00559a001105 f3dd8b46-4c3e-4d09-8f1d-36bbcc5c7f29 da9074ed-9f95-4eb2-95c0-f167f60cd9f4 fd1ede38-4c27-4f98-b9ff-0896f6074336 30595a8b-9fdc-4a55-9947-8a8bb4438e0b d8685f80-21fa-4e37-8c86-bf1829376f8a 410f8550-d1ef-47ee-9252-7262fcfe8ca0 59cb391b-2f2d-440d-bc7b-5a61e43141ab 914a6c86-e8a1-4923-961f-be0f49606688 5668c3a7-e78d-48a3-a25d-1dc221b27a00 8722245c-6cca-4b2c-b944-2952f5099e21 3db26b57-89bc-4345-add2-8e72543bd0e8 e4ee3f29-b2f6-48c5-975a-3a09cb5bb4c4 8c1f74ec-5856-4feb-9237-02af6f81a30c ebf4af75-dcde-45c5-96ff-e8308a9818eb e8d9fc4f-421b-48c1-a355-e493d8e8f83 9550cdf0-72ed-4ccf-9d3c-c05447412568 1cb52eba-e9f1-4fe5-b3b7-369150c5e19d ab9fa765-c273-45af-9a17-017d151a9cde 67a5a17c-3b0d-4b8a-a63e-cb1c34c7b7ff 901a21e2-d451-4d80-ab01-f3754e2fe44d 5433f9f1-5710-45ea-8167-86a3cb7fe0dd ed22ff2b-a88f-481b-992a-20e400241f0b 7801fbe2-ddeb-439a-80ac-0961dd9ac09a 2e3cf5db-9028-4548-9e0b-eb50f0054155 3c59c48a-16c7-48e2-94dc-8f041f544fe4 fc1e25a8-c64f-41c1-9b46-5e2f69f9ed49 Regional Surface Climate Conditions in CMIP3 and CMIP5 for the United States: Differences, Similarities, and Implications for the U.S. National Climate Assessment a53284d9-1249-4896-8242-6a306b1361e8 f9a4a9b6-fa2f-4a49-ba36-93b37cb63924 b4dd1fac-0980-43b7-8d30-c42c5b954183 54346951-ba34-4270-9296-9693ec7466c0 315beb29-7cce-4b0c-89c6-620418ce9773 2b79304d-d378-4390-afbf-cddb932ccd3f bc2be07d-2e5a-4fe4-8f51-195906ddb5fa 5a8944ff-477b-4497-a619-3107daa63af5 820e90e4-a9a5-4220-a8c2-cde8b58d7163 2d6fb90b-7d3d-4fce-8f63-36459f80d366 e44b58cf-af18-474e-89d1-22e1c15c375c 2ed3821a-fb34-4e8d-a382-b8fb21bb2c01
Burkhard Büdel The Technical University of Kaiserslautern Department of Biology Biological Soil Crusts: An Org...
Gereon Budeus Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research Enhanced modern heat transfer to the Arctic by warm Atlantic water
Saisunee Budhakooncharoen Mahanakorn University of Technology Coping with variability and change: Floods and droughts
Dagmar Budikova Illinois State University Department of Geography-Geology Hydroclimatology of the 2008 Midwest floods