Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Philippe Grandjean 0000-0003-4046-9658 Harvard School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health Developmental origins of health and disease: Integrating environmental influences
Rachel Grandpre
Louis De Grandpré Canadian Forest Service Laurentian Forestry Centre Climate-induced changes in host tree–insect phenology may drive ecological state-shift in boreal forests
A. Stuart Grandy University of New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Long-term pattern and magnitude of soil carbon feedback to the climate system in a warming world
Elise F. Granek Portland State University Environmental Science and Management Coastal ecosystem-based management with nonlinear ecological functions and values Non-linearity in ecosystem services: temporal and spatial variability in coastal protection
Edna Granéli University of Kalmar Department of Marine Sciences University of Kalmar Institute of Natural Sciences The Global, Complex Phenomena of Harmful Algal Blooms
Wilhelm Granéli Food-chain length alters community responses to global change in aquatic systems
Jessica Grannis Georgetown Climate Center Georgetown Law From planning to action: Implementation of state climate change adaptation plans Adaptation Tool Kit: Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Land Use. How Governments Can Use Land-Use Practices to Adapt to Sea-Level Rise
D. Grano U.S. Environmental Protection Agency A preliminary synthesis of modeled climate change impacts on U.S. regional ozone concentrations
Alastair Grant 0000-0002-1147-2375 University of East Anglia School of Environmental Sciences Long-Term Region-Wide Declines in Caribbean Corals
Evan H. Campbell Grant 0000-0003-4401-6496 U.S. Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Range position and climate sensitivity: The structure of among‐population demographic responses to climatic variation
Gordon E. Grant Oregon State University College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences U.S. Forest Service Corvallis Forestry Laboratory U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Predicting landscape sensitivity to present and future floods in the Pacific Northwest, USA Coupling snowpack and groundwater dynamics to interpret historical streamflow trends in the western United States Parameterizing sub-surface drainage with geology to improve modeling streamflow responses to climate in data limited environments Comparing large-scale hydrological model predictions with observed streamflow in the Pacific Northwest: Effects of climate and groundwater Ecohydrological implications of drought for forests in the United States
Robert Grant University of Alberta Department of Renewable Resource Terrestrial biosphere models need better representation of vegetation phenology: Results from the North American Carbon Program Site Synthesis
Brian A. Grantham Washington State Department of Ecology Upwelling-driven nearshore hypoxia signals ecosystem and oceanographic changes in the northeast Pacific
Theodore E. Grantham U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center Sustainable water management under future uncertainty with eco-engineering decision scaling
David A. Grantz University of California, Riverside University of California, Riverside Air Pollution Research Center University of California, Riverside Department of Botany and Plant Sciences University of California, Riverside Kearney Agricultural Center KARE O3 impacts on plant development: a meta-analysis of root/shoot allocation and growth Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and Adaptation. USDA Technical Bulletin 1935 The Ozone Component of Global Change: Potential Effects on Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Yield, Product Quality and Interactions with Invasive Species
Katrina Grantz U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Reclamation Managing Water in the West. SECURE Water Act Section 9503(c) - Reclamation Climate Change and Water 2011
Kyra Grantz University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute Assessing the global threat from Zika virus
Giacomo Grassi Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability Climate Change and Air Quality Unit Fire in the air: Biomass burning impacts in a changing climate
Patricio Grassini University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Agronomy and Horticulture How do various maize crop models vary in their responses to climate change factors?
Barry I. Graubard National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics Nutritional Epidemiology Branch Meat Intake and Mortality
Lisa J. Graumlich 0000-0003-1239-1873 Big Sky Institute for Science and Natural History The University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research The University of Arizona School of Natural Resources The University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment University of Washington College of the Environment Decadal-scale climate drivers for glacial dynamics in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA The unusual nature of recent snowpack declines in the North American cordillera Climatic controls on the snowmelt hydrology of the northern Rocky Mountains A 1000-Year Record of Temperature and Precipitation in the Sierra Nevada Approaches to Evaluating Climate Change Impacts on Species: A Guide to Initiating the Adaptation Planning Process A tree-ring based reconstruction of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation since 1567 A.D A century of climate and ecosystem change in Western Montana: What do temperature trends portend? When Ecosystem Services Crash: Preparing for Big, Fast, Patchy Climate Change Response of Subalpine Conifers in the Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A., to 20th-Century Warming and Decadal Climate Variability
Dominique Gravel 0000-0002-4498-7076 University of Quebec at Rimouski Department of Biology, Chemistry and Geography University of Sherbrooke Department of Biology Terrestrial Ecology Research Center CRET Mismatch in microbial food webs: Predators but not prey perform better in their local biotic and abiotic conditions
Roland Gravel Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office Revolution...Now: The Future Arrives for Five Clean Energy Technologies – 2016 Update
Heather D. Graven 0000-0003-3934-2502 Scripps Institution of Oceanography Enhanced seasonal exchange of CO2 by northern ecosystems since 1960