Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Tri-Dung Nguyen 0000-0002-4158-9099 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Modelling infrastructure interdependencies, resiliency and sustainability
Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen McGill University Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics Impacts of climate change on rainfall extremes and urban drainage systems: A review
Viann Nguyen Old Dominion University School of Community and Environmental Health Anthropogenic climate change and allergic diseases
Sophie Nguyen-Khoa International Water Management Institute Stakeholder-Oriented Valuation to Support Water Resources Management Processes: Confronting Concepts with Local Practice. FAO Water Reports 30
Charles Nhemachena Council for Scientific and Industrial Research When not every response to climate change is a good one: Identifying principles for sustainable adaptation
Fenbiao Ni The University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research Global Signatures and Dynamical Origins of the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric and global surface temperature variations over the past two millennia
Jinren Ni 0000-0002-9114-8347 Peking University The Key Laboratory of Water and Sediment Sciences, Ministry of Education Lateral transport of soil carbon and land−atmosphere CO2 flux induced by water erosion in China
Julie M. Nicely 0000-0003-4828-0032 University of Maryland, College Park Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry A pervasive role for biomass burning in tropical high ozone/low water structures
Patrice K. Nicholas Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Global Health Equity MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing Climate change, climate justice, and environmental health: Implications for the nursing profession
Neville Nicholls Australian Bureau of Meteorology National Climate Centre Teleconnections Linking Worldw...
Robert J. Nicholls 0000-0002-9715-1109 Middlesex University Flood Hazard Research Centre The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research University of Southampton School of Civil Engineering and the Environment Assessing the Costs of Adaptation to Climate Change: A Review of the UNFCCC and Other Recent Estimates The economic impact of substantial sea-level rise Sea-Level Rise and Its Impact on Coastal Zones Sinking deltas due to human activities Coastal flood damage and adaptation costs under 21st century sea-level rise Impacts and responses to sea-level rise: A global analysis of the SRES scenarios over the twenty-first century Coastal flooding and wetland loss in the 21st century: changes under the SRES climate and socio-economic scenarios
Sarah Nicholls 0000-0001-9363-179X Michigan State University Michigan State University Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Resource Studies Michigan State University Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences Impact of weather on downhill ski lift ticket sales Implications of Global Climate Change for Tourism Flows and Seasonality
Gordon Nichols 0000-0003-0773-9556 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections Norwich Medical School Public Health England Public Health England Emerging and Zoonotic Infections Department Public Health England Gastrointestinal Infections Department University of East Anglia University of Exeter University of Exeter European Centre for Environment and Human Health University of Thessaly University of Thessaly Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology Rainfall and outbreaks of drinking water related disease and in England and Wales Analytical studies assessing the association between extreme precipitation or temperature and drinking water-related waterborne infections: A review A re-evaluation of the impact of temperature and climate change on foodborne illness Challenges in developing methods for quantifying the effects of weather and climate on water-associated diseases: A systematic review Environmental suitability of Vibrio infections in a warming climate: An early warning system
James D. Nichols 0000-0002-7631-2890 U.S. Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Structured decision making as a conceptual framework to identify thresholds for conservation and management
Kristine A. Nichols U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory Biochar: A synthesis of its agronomic impact beyond carbon sequestration
Leah G. Nichols National Science Foundation Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences National Science Foundation nca4 chapter 17 : Sector Interactions, Multiple Stressors, and Complex Systems From global change science to action with social sciences
Lyle B. Nichols Santa Monica College Department of Life Sciences Revisiting the past to foretell the future: Summer temperature and habitat area predict pika extirpations in California
M.H. Nichols U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Modeling response of soil erosion and runoff to changes in precipitation and cover
Paul Nicholson 0000-0002-6458-8697 John Innes Centre Speed breeding is a powerful tool to accelerate crop research and breeding
Sharon E. Nicholson Florida State University Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia
Sophie Nicholson-Cole The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Observed adaptation to climate change: UK evidence of transition to a well-adapting society
Emilia M. Niciu National Institute of Public Health Romania Air Pollution Epidemiology and Research Laboratory International study of temperature, heat and urban mortality: the 'ISOTHURM' project
Gilbert A. Nick Harvard School of Public Health Center for Public Health Preparedness Division of Public Health Practice DPHP Emergency preparedness for vulnerable populations: People with special health-care needs
Cynthia J. Nickerson U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service Major Uses of Land in the United States, 2007 New Uses of Old Tools? Greenhouse Gas Mitigation with Agriculture Sector Policies
Kerry J. Nickols California State University, Monterey Bay The resilience of marine ecosystems to climatic disturbances
Slobodan Nickovic Institute of Physics, Belgrade South East European Virtual Climate Change Center SEEVCCC The University of Arizona Institute for Atmospheric Physics Regional dust storm modeling for health services: The case of valley fever
Simon Nicol 0000-0001-8193-8719 Secretariat of the Pacific Community Modelling the impact of climate change on Pacific skipjack tuna population and fisheries
Julien P. Nicolas The Ohio State University Byrd Polar Research Center A Reconciled Estimate of Ice-Sheet Mass Balance
L. Nicoletti Infection with chikungunya virus in Italy: an outbreak in a temperate region
Kathleen Nicoll 0000-0002-6971-9713 The University of Utah Climates, Landscapes, and Civi...
Alice Nicolle Lund University Department of Biology Food-chain length alters community responses to global change in aquatic systems
Dmitry J. Nicolsky University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute Permafrost Laboratory University of Alaska Fairbanks Multi-Model Framework for Quantitative Sectoral Impacts Analysis A simplified, data-constrained approach to estimate the permafrost carbon–climate feedback Climate change damages to Alaska public infrastructure and the economics of proactive adaptation
Jean-Philippe Nicot The University of Texas at Austin Bureau of Economic Geology The University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences Water Use for Shale-Gas Production in Texas, U.S.
Adrienne B. Nicotra The Australian National University Research School of Biology The Australian National University Research School of Biology Division of Evolution, Ecology and Genetics Assessing the components of adaptive capacity to improve conservation and management efforts under global change Improving conservation outcomes with a new paradigm for understanding species’ fundamental and realized adaptive capacity
Donald Niebyl ACRT Inc A foundation tree at the precipice: Tsuga canadensis health after the arrival of Adelges tsugae in central New England
Franz J. Niederholzer University of California Cooperative Extension Soil suitability index identifies potential areas for groundwater banking on agricultural lands
Shawn J. Nield U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Distribution of near-surface permafrost in Alaska: Estimates of present and future conditions
Daryl L. Nielsen Co‐operative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology CRCFE Murray‐Darling Freshwater Research Centre MDFRC Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO Drought and aquatic community resilience: The role of eggs and seeds in sediments of temporary wetlands
Jennifer L. Nielsen U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Science Center Nonlinear dynamics in ecosystem response to climatic change: Case studies and policy implications
Karina J. Nielsen 0000-0002-7438-0240 San Francisco State University Romberg Tiburon Center Sonoma State University Department of Biology Delayed upwelling alters nearshore coastal ocean ecosystems in the northern California current Upwelling-driven nearshore hypoxia signals ecosystem and oceanographic changes in the northeast Pacific Persistent spatial structuring of coastal ocean acidification in the California Current System
Scott Nielsen 0000-0002-9754-0630 ASRC Federal U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center University of Alberta Department of Biological Sciences Range-wide patterns of greater sage-grouse persistence
John W. Nielsen-Gammon 0000-0001-5336-2409 Texas A&M University College Station Texas A&M University Department of Atmospheric Sciences The Texas A&M University System nca4 chapter 2 : Our Changing Climate A New Homogenized Climate Division Precipitation Dataset for Analysis of Climate Variability and Climate Change Climate Abyss: About the Lack of Warming… Extreme rainfall in Texas: Patterns and predictability Analysis of the impacts of station exposure on the U.S. Historical Climatology Network temperatures and temperature trends 23.1: Monitoring Precipitation Across the Southern Great Plains Anatomy of an Extreme Event 23.5: Stock Pond Affected by Drought nca4 chapter 23 : Southern Great Plains
Bryant Nielson Clemson University Glenn Department of Civil Engineering Bridge damage and repair costs from Hurricane Katrina
David Nielson 0000-0002-8240-7183 U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Central Great Plains Resources Management Research Adapting agriculture to drought and extreme events Climate change impacts on dryland cropping systems in the Central Great Plains, USA
Tim Nieman Decision Applications, Inc Climate change and Yakama Nation tribal well-being Identifying stakeholder-relevant climate change impacts: A case study in the Yakima River Basin, Washington, USA
Jari Niemela University of Helsinki Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences Promoting ecosystem and human health in urban areas using Green Infrastructure: A literature review
Eero Niemelä Natural Resources Institute Finland Basin-scale phenology and effects of climate variability on global timing of initial seaward migration of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Ryan J. Niemeyer 0000-0002-4618-0372 University of Idaho College of Natural Resources Indicators of climate change in Idaho: An assessment framework for coupling biophysical change and social perception
Gerald J. Niemi University of Minnesota, Duluth Department of Biology University of Minnesota, Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute Analysis of combined data sets yields trend estimates for vulnerable spruce-fir birds in northern United States
Jarad Niemi 0000-0002-5079-158X Iowa State University Department of Statistics Prairie strips improve biodiversity and the delivery of multiple ecosystem services from corn–soybean croplands