Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Syndi Nettles-Anderson National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL Life cycle water use for electricity generation: a review and harmonization of literature estimates
Jessica L. Neu University of California, Irvine Department of Earth System Science Toward a more physical representation of precipitation scavenging in global chemistry models: Cloud overlap and ice physics and their impact on tropospheric ozone
Urs Neu ProClim Swiss Academy of Sciences Evidence for a modest undercount bias in early historical Atlantic tropical cyclone counts Influence of Global Warming on Extratropical Cyclones Climate Variability and Extrem...
Scott C. Neubauer 0000-0001-8948-2832 University of South Carolina Baruch Marine Field Laboratory Ecosystem responses of a tidal freshwater marsh experiencing saltwater intrusion and altered hydrology
Henry Neufeldt World Agroforestry Centre Climate-smart agriculture for food security
Rachel Neugarten 0000-0003-0647-0516 The Nature Conservancy A standard lexicon for biodiversity conservation: Unified classifications of threats and actions
Raphael Neukom 0000-0001-9392-0997 Geographical Institute of the University of Bern Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research-WSL Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia Tambora 1815 as a test case for high impact volcanic eruptions: Earth system effects
Charles J. Neumann National Hurricane Center The International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS)
Gregory A. Neumann 0000-0003-0644-9944 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory The extreme melt across the Greenland ice sheet in 2012
James E. Neumann 0000-0001-7553-3037 Industrial Economics, Inc. Risks of sea level rise to disadvantaged communities in the United States Impacts of climate change on operation of the US rail network Characterizing changes in drought risk for the United States from climate change Climate change damages to Alaska public infrastructure and the economics of proactive adaptation Multi-Model Framework for Quantitative Sectoral Impacts Analysis The Impact of Climate Change o... Assessment of climate change adaptation costs for the U.S. road network Impacts of oak pollen on allergic asthma in the United States and potential influence of future climate change Joint effects of storm surge and sea-level rise on US Coasts: New economic estimates of impacts, adaptation, and benefits of mitigation policy The Impact of Climate Change o... Assessing Sea-Level Rise Impacts: A GIS-Based Framework and Application to Coastal New Jersey The economics of adaptation along developed coastlines Climate change risks to US infrastructure: Impacts on roads, bridges, coastal development, and urban drainage nca3 chapter 25 : Coastal Zone Development and Ecosystems
Kathleen Neumann 0000-0002-8475-9019 PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Wageningen University Wageningen University Land Dynamics Group Assessing agricultural risks of climate change in the 21st century in a global gridded crop model intercomparison Challenges in using land use and land cover data for global change studies
Marc B. Neumann 0000-0002-4801-3279 Basque Centre for Climate Change BC3 Ikerbasque - Basque Foundation for Science Significant implications of permafrost thawing for climate change control
Nathan Neumann State of Victoria Department of Environment and Primary Industries DEPI Elevated CO2 alters grain quality of two bread wheat cultivars grown under different environmental conditions
Norman F. Neumann University of Alberta School of Public Health University of Calgary Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases Coherence among different microbial source tracking markers in a small agricultural stream with or without livestock exclusion practices
T. Neumann Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde Hypoxia in future climates: A model ensemble study for the Baltic Sea
Eric Neumayer 0000-0003-2719-7563 Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment London School of Economics and Political Science Department of Geography A trend analysis of normalized insured damage from natural disasters
Kari Neumeyer Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission 24.6: PHOTO: Salmon Ceremony
Helen M. Neville Trout Unlimited Flow regime, temperature, and biotic interactions drive differential declines of trout species under climate change
Jennifer Nevills Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Developing Key Indicators for Adaptive Water Planning
M. New Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation
Mark New 0000-0001-6082-8879 University of Cape Town UK/African Climate and Development Initiative University of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment A review of observed and projected changes in climate for the islands in the Caribbean
Jonathan Newbury 0000-0002-3438-7210 Spencer Gulf Rural Health School Older persons and heat-susceptibility: the role of health promotion in a changing climate
Steven T. Newcomb Indigenous Law Institute Kumeyaay Nation Pagans in the Promised Land: D... Evidence of Christian nationalism in Federal Indian law: The doctrine of discovery, Johnson v. Mcintosh, and plenary power
Charles P. Newcombe British Columbia Ministry of Environment Ecosystems Branch Channel Suspended Sediment and Fisheries: A Synthesis for Quantitative Assessment of Risk and Impact
Joshua P. Newell 0000-0002-1440-8715 University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment The energy and emissions footprint of water supply for Southern California Urban green space, public health, and environmental justice: The challenge of making cities ‘just green enough’ Defining urban resilience: A review Spatial planning for multifunctional green infrastructure: Growing resilience in Detroit