Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Alyssa Murdoch York University Department of Biology Historical trends, drivers, and future projections of ice phenology in small north temperate lakes in the Laurentian Great Lakes region
Courtney C. Murdock 0000-0001-5966-1514 University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Disease The University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology Detecting the impact of temperature on transmission of Zika, dengue, and chikungunya using mechanistic models
Loana Muresan 0000-0003-2563-0212 Technical University of Denmark DTU Space, National Space Institute Sustained mass loss of the northeast Greenland ice sheet triggered by regional warming
James F. Murley South Florida Regional Planning Council nca3 chapter 25 : Coastal Zone Development and Ecosystems Turkey Point Expansion – Draft Agency Report on the Power Plant and Non-Transmission Associated Facilities nca3 chapter 17 : Southeast and the Caribbean
R. J. Murnane Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences Risk Prediction Initiative A globally consistent reanalysis of hurricane variability and trends
Christopher F. Murphy Cornell University Weill Medical College Department of Psychiatry Population projection of US adults with lifetime experience of depressive disorder by age and sex from year 2005 to 2050
Conor Murphy 0000-0003-4891-2650 Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units ICARUS Climate-driven variability in the occurrence of major floods across North America and Europe
Daniel M. Murphy Earth System Research Laboratory Chemical Sciences Division Decreases in elemental carbon and fine particle mass in the United States
Eugene J. Murphy British Antarctic Survey Extensive dissolution of live pteropods in the Southern Ocean
Gary N. Murphy University of Exeter Department of Geography Caribbean-wide decline in carbonate production threatens coral reef growth
James M. Murphy Met Office Hadley Centre National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Alaska Fisheries Science Center Distribution, Migration Pathways, and Size of Western Alaska Juvenile Salmon Along the Eastern Bering Sea Shelf Decadal Prediction
James R. Murphy National Jewish Medical and Research Center Department of Medicine University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics Wildfire smoke and respiratory symptoms in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Karen A. Murphy National Wildlife Refuge System Alaska’s changing fire regime — implications for the vulnerability of its boreal forests
Lindsay Murphy The University of Oklahoma College of Law Death of a monster: Laws may finally kill Gila River adjudication
Lisa N. Murphy University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Response to Comment on “The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation without a role for ocean circulation” The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation without a role for ocean circulation
Matthew Murphy National Center for Environmental Health Health Studies Branch Heat illness among high school athletes --- United States, 2005-2009
Patrick C. Murphy 0000-0002-4918-3376 San Diego State University Department of Biology Cold season emissions dominate the Arctic tundra methane budget
Rebecca R. Murphy University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Multiple stressors threaten the imperiled coastal foundation species eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Chesapeake Bay, USA
Sean T. Murphy Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International Economic impacts of invasive alien species on African smallholder livelihoods
Sheila F. Murphy 0000-0002-5481-3635 U.S. Geological Survey Wildfire Effects on Source-Water Quality: Lessons from Fourmile Canyon Fire, Colorado, and Implications for Drinking-Water Treatment