Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Yuzhou Luo 0000-0003-0879-9622 University of California, Davis Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources Climate change sensitivity assessment of streamflow and agricultural pollutant transport in California's Central Valley using Latin hypercube sampling
Massimo Lupascu 0000-0002-0416-629X University of California, Irvine Department of Earth System Science A pan-Arctic synthesis of CH 4 and CO 2 production from anoxic soil incubations
William Luppold U.S. Forest Service Globalization and Structural Change in the U.S. Forest Sector: An Evolving Context for Sustainable Forest Management. General Technical Report FPL-GTR-170
Alexandru Lupu 0000-0002-4520-5523 York University Intercontinental impacts of ozone pollution on human mortality
Allyza Lustig 0000-0001-5002-9897 ICF U.S. Global Change Research Program nca4 chapter 20 : U.S. Caribbean nca4 chapter 22 : Northern Great Plains nca4 chapter 27 : Hawai‘i and US-Affiliated Pacific Islands nca4 chapter 8 : Coastal Effects 19.9: Charleston Flooding & Tunnel 27.15: Flooding in Kosrae nca4 chapter 3 : Water nca4 chapter 15 : Tribes and Indigenous Peoples nca4 chapter 10 : Agriculture and Rural Communities 27.12: Preparing Molokai’s Fishponds for Climate Change nca4 chapter 7 : Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity nca4 chapter 21 : Midwest nca4 chapter 19 : Southeast nca4 chapter 12 : Transportation nca4 chapter 18 : Northeast
Abigail Lute University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Water Resources Graduate Program Role of extreme snowfall events in interannual variability of snowfall accumulation in the western United States Projected changes in snowfall extremes and interannual variability of snowfall in the western United States
Jürg Luterbacher Justus Liebig University Centre for International Development and Environmental Research Justus Liebig University Department of Geography Justus Liebig University Department of Geography, Climatology, Climate Dynamics and Climate Change The Hot Summer of 2010: Redrawing the Temperature Record Map of Europe Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia Tambora 1815 as a test case for high impact volcanic eruptions: Earth system effects Human activity and anomalously warm seasons in Europe
Scott B. Luthcke NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Understanding ice-sheet mass balance: progress in satellite altimetry and gravimetry A Reconciled Estimate of Ice-Sheet Mass Balance Recent glacier mass changes in the Gulf of Alaska region from GRACE mascon solutions Spatial and temporal Antarctic Ice Sheet mass trends, glacio-isostatic adjustment, and surface processes from a joint inversion of satellite altimeter, gravity, and GPS data Glacier changes in Alaska: can mass-balance models explain GRACE mascon trends?
Mark E. Luther University of South Florida College of Marine Science Increasing risk of compound flooding from storm surge and rainfall for major US cities
Daniel Lüthi 0000-0001-6638-691X ETH Zurich Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science Surrogate climate-change scenarios for regional climate models
Dieter Lüthi High-resolution carbon dioxide concentration record 650,000–800,000 years before present
Celine Lutoff Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies Grenoble Alps University UMR PACTE Analysis of flash flood parameters and human impacts in the US from 2006 to 2012
Emily C. Lutterloh Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development Kentucky Department for Public Health New York State Department of Health Carbon monoxide poisoning after an ice storm in Kentucky, 2009
Andrew E. Lutz Sandia National Laboratories Comparison of the technical potential for hydrogen, battery electric, and conventional light-duty vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption in the United States
James A. Lutz University of Washington College of the Environment University of Washington School of Forest Resources Utah State University Department of Wildland Resources Lower forest density enhances snow retention in regions with warmer winters: A global framework developed from plot‐scale observations and modeling Forest ecosystems, disturbance, and climatic change in Washington State, USA Climatic influences on interannual variability in regional burn severity across western US forests Climatic water deficit, tree species ranges, and climate change in Yosemite National Park
Jeffery T. Lutz National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change: A Report Outlining the Research Needs on the Human Health Effects of Climate Change A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change: Summary [Brochure]
Wolfgang Lutz Austrian Academy of Sciences Vienna Institute of Democracy International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis IIASA Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Human Capital World Population and Human Cap... Heat-related side-effects of neurological and non-neurological medication may increase heatwave fatalities
Loren Lutzenhiser Portland State University second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 6 : Social Science Perspectives on Carbon
Jeffrey Luvall 0000-0003-0336-2237 National Aeronautics and Space Administration usgcrp-climate-human-health-assessment-2016 chapter 4 : Impacts of Extreme Events on Human Health
Heidi Lux Harvard Forest Marine Biological Laboratory Ecosystems Center Soil warming, carbon-nitrogen interactions, and forest carbon budgets
Sebastiaan Luyssaert 0000-0003-1121-1869 Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences LSCE Office of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies University of Antwerp Department of Biology Can we reconcile atmospheric estimates of the Northern terrestrial carbon sink with land-based accounting? Reduction of forest soil respiration in response to nitrogen deposition Regional carbon dioxide implications of forest bioenergy production Large-scale bioenergy from additional harvest of forest biomass is neither sustainable nor greenhouse gas neutral Terrestrial Gross Carbon Dioxide Uptake: Global Distribution and Covariation with Climate Influence of spring and autumn phenological transitions on forest ecosystem productivity Carbon sequestration: Managing forests in uncertain times
Bjarne Lyberth Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Acceleration of Jakobshavn Isbrae triggered by warm subsurface ocean waters
Christian Lydersen Norwegian Polar Institute Impacts of changing sea-ice conditions on Arctic marine mammals An Arctic predator–prey system in flux: climate change impacts on coastal space use by polar bears and ringed seals Arctic marine mammal population status, sea ice habitat loss, and conservation recommendations for the 21st century
Jamie M. Lydersen U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station Evidence of fuels management and fire weather influencing fire severity in an extreme fire event
John Lydon U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory Changes in biomass and root:shoot ratio of field-grown Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense), a noxious, invasive weed, with elevated CO2: Implications for control with glyphosate