Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Judy Dowell Washington State Department of Health Food Safety Program Washington State Department of Health Office of Shellfish and Water Protection Paralytic shellfish toxins in Puget Sound, Washington state
Hadi Dowlatabadi University of British Columbia Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability SAP 5.2: Best Practice Approaches for Characterizing, Communicating and Incorporating Scientific Uncertainty in Climate Decision Making. A Report By the Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change A black-carbon mitigation wedge
Charles Downer 0000-0002-7780-3421 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers nca3 chapter 18 : Midwest
Nicole Downey Earth System Sciences, LLC Sources contributing to background surface ozone in the US Intermountain West
Paul Downey 0000-0002-8867-248X Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water Parks and Wildlife Pest Management Unit Exotic C4 grasses have increased tolerance to glyphosate under elevated carbon dioxide
Ashleigh Downing Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale A synthesis of the impacts of climate change on the First Nations and Inuit of Canada
John A. Downing Iowa State University Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Plumbing the Global Carbon Cycle: Integrating Inland Waters into the Terrestrial Carbon Budget
Tom Downing Stockholm Environmental Institute Reducing hazard vulnerability: Towards a common approach between disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation
Dana Downs The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Department of Psychiatry VA North Texas Health Care System Postdisaster course of alcohol use disorders in systematically studied survivors of 10 disasters
S.G. Downs Imperial College London Centre for Environmental Technology Mercury in precipitation and its relation to bioaccumulation in fish: A literature review
Harry J. Dowsett 0000-0003-1983-7524 US Geological Survey Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center Challenges in quantifying Pliocene terrestrial warming revealed by data-model discord
John C. Doyle California Institute of Technology Control and Dynamical Systems Fire in the Earth System
John T. Doyle Apsaalooke Water and Wastewater Authority Crow Environmental Health Steering Committee Crow Nation Crow Water Quality Project Exploring effects of climate change on Northern Plains American Indian health
Michael Doyle The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Center for Food Safety Heat and drought stress during growth of lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) does not promote internalization of Escherichia coli O157: H7
Thomas W. Doyle 0000-0001-5754-0671 Glacier National Park Headquarters National Biological Service Southern Science Center National Wetlands Research Center U.S. Geological Survey Predicting the retreat and migration of tidal forests along the northern Gulf of Mexico under sea-level rise Nonlinear dynamics in ecosystem response to climatic change: Case studies and policy implications Ecology of Tidal Freshwater Fo... Integrated Assessment of the C... Wind damage effects of Hurricane Andrew on mangrove communities along the southwest coast of Florida, USA Winter climate change and coastal wetland foundation species: Salt marshes vs. mangrove forests in the southeastern United States
John A. Dracup University of California, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of California, Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Basin-scale water system operations with uncertain future climate conditions: Methodology and case studies Climate change impacts on high elevation hydropower generation in California’s Sierra Nevada: A case study in the Upper American River Robust analysis of future climate change impacts on water for agriculture and other sectors: a case study in the Sacramento Valley
H. Dragert
Danilo Dragoni Indiana University Bloomington Department of Geography Increase in forest water-use efficiency as atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations rise Evidence of increased net ecosystem productivity associated with a longer vegetated season in a deciduous forest in south-central Indiana, USA The role of isohydric and anisohydric species in determining ecosystem-scale response to severe drought Interannual and spatial impacts of phenological transitions, growing season length, and spring and autumn temperatures on carbon sequestration: A North America flux data synthesis
Donald R. Drake University of Hawai'i at Manoa Department of Botany Climate-associated population declines reverse recovery and threaten future of an iconic high-elevation plant
Isabel Drake Meat consumption and mortality - results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition
Jeanette L. Drake University of Michigan at Dearborn Communicating Climate-Change a...
John B. Drake 0000-0001-9763-3653 University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering The impact of emission and climate change on ozone in the United States under representative concentration pathways (RCPs)
John M. Drake 0000-0003-4646-1235 The University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology Regional differences in the association between land cover and West Nile virus disease incidence in humans in the United States
Katherine Drake Indiana University Bloomington School of Public and Environmental Affairs Carbon sequestration in tidal salt marshes of the northeast United States
Victoria Drake North Shore University Hospital St. Luke's–Roosevelt Hospital Center Department of Surgery Preoperative nutritional status of patients undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for morbid obesity