Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Li Erikson 0000-0002-8607-7695 U.S. Geological Survey Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center Changes to extreme wave climates of islands within the western tropical Pacific throughout the 21st century under RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5, with implications for island vulnerability and sustainability
Jan Willem Erisman Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands VU University Amsterdam The Nitrogen Cascade The European Nitrogen Assessme... Global assessment of nitrogen deposition effects on terrestrial plant diversity: a synthesis Transformation of the Nitrogen Cycle: Recent Trends, Questions, and Potential Solutions
Daniel Erkkila University of Minnesota Tourism Center Local Dependency, Land Use Attitudes, and Economic Development: Comparisons between Seasonal and Permanent Residents
Porat M. Erlich Geisinger Clinic Center for Health Research Temple University School of Medicine Department of Medicine Mental Health Outcomes at the Jersey Shore After Hurricane Sandy
Jessica Ernakovich 0000-0002-4493-2489 Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory A pan-Arctic synthesis of CH 4 and CO 2 production from anoxic soil incubations
Hiba S. Ernst National Homeland Security Research Center Assessment of relative potential for Legionella species or surrogates inhalation exposure from common water uses
Kyle N. Erwin Duke University Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program The toxicology of climate change: Environmental contaminants in a warming world
Marla J. Erwin The Louisiana Healthy Aging Study (LHAS) Cognitive and psychosocial consequences of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita among middle-aged, older, and oldest-old adults in the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study (LHAS)
Igor Esau 0000-0003-4122-6340 Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center Diurnal asymmetry to the observed global warming
M. Esch Climate and carbon-cycle variability over the last millennium
Marisa I. Escobar Stockholm Environment Institute - US Center Water Management Adaptations to Prevent Loss of Spring-Run Chinook Salmon in California under Climate Change
Vanessa Escobar 0000-0002-6837-8099 National Aeronautics and Space Administration usgcrp-climate-human-health-assessment-2016 chapter 4 : Impacts of Extreme Events on Human Health
Brenda Eskenazi University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health Pesticide toxicity and the developing brain
Ann-Margaret Esnard Georgia State University Andrew Young School of Policy Studies Coming Home after Disaster: Mu...
Jan Esper Johannes Gutenberg University Department of Geography Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research-WSL Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia Millennial temperature reconstruction intercomparison and evaluation
Xavier Espinet Resilient Analytics Multi-Model Framework for Quantitative Sectoral Impacts Analysis
Todd C. Esque 0000-0002-4166-6234 U.S. Geological Survey U.S. Geological Survey Western Ecological Research Center Buffelgrass fuel loads in Saguaro National Park, Arizona, increase fire danger and threaten native species Saguaros under siege: Invasive species and fire
Virginia Estevez European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Office of the Chief Scientist Mapping Climate Change Vulnerabilities to Infectious Diseases in Europe
Yuka Otsuki Estrada Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group II Technical Support Unit Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group III Technical Support Unit Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Part A: Global and Sectoral Aspects. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Part B: Regional Aspects. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Marisol Estrella United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction The Role of Ecosystems in Disa...
David Etheridge Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Marine and Atmospheric Research Law Dome CO2, CH4 and N2O ice core records extended to 2000 years BP
Kathleen A. Ethier CDC National Health Report: Leading Causes of Morbidity and Mortality and Associated Behavioral Risk and Protective Factors - United States, 2005-2013
Joseph H. Eto Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Assessing Changes in the Reliability of the U.S. Electric Power System
Frank Ettawageshik United Tribes of Michigan Climate change impacts on the water resources of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the U.S.
Janneke Ettema Utrecht University Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Partitioning recent Greenland mass loss Melting trends over the Greenland ice sheet (1958–2009) from spaceborne microwave data and regional climate models
Julie R. Etterson University of Minnesota, Duluth Department of Biology Dune restoration introduces genetically distinct American beachgrass, Ammophila breviligulata, into a threatened local population Managed Relocation: Integrating the Scientific, Regulatory, and Ethical Challenges
Gregory J. Ettl University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Nonstationary temporal response of mountain hemlock growth to climatic variability in the North Cascade Range, Washington, USA
Ruth A. Etzel National Center for Environmental Health Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects Surveillance for dust storms and respiratory diseases in Washington State, 1991
Werner Eugster 0000-0001-6067-0741 ETH Zurich Institute for Plant Sciences Recent decline in the global land evapotranspiration trend due to limited moisture supply
Eugenie S. Euskirchen University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Arctic Biology Evidence and implications of recent and projected climate change in Alaska's forest ecosystems Changes in vegetation in northern Alaska under scenarios of climate change, 2003–2100: implications for climate feedbacks Importance of recent shifts in soil thermal dynamics on growing season length, productivity, and carbon sequestration in terrestrial high-latitude ecosystems Towards a Tipping Point in Responding to Change: Rising Costs, Fewer Options for Arctic and Global Societies Consequences of changes in vegetation and snow cover for climate feedbacks in Alaska and northwest Canada Interactive effects of wildfire and climate on permafrost degradation in Alaskan lowland forests Role of Land-Surface Changes in Arctic Summer Warming
Amato T. Evan Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Atlantic hurricane activity following two major volcanic eruptions The role of aerosols in the evolution of tropical North Atlantic Ocean temperature anomalies Evidence for climate change in the satellite cloud record Influence of African dust on ocean-atmosphere variability in the tropical Atlantic
James Randolph Evans McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP Climate Change and Insurance...
Jason P. Evans 0000-0003-1776-3429 University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre Trend-preserving blending of passive and active microwave soil moisture retrievals
Julian Evans Imperial College London T. H. Huxley School of Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering The Forests Handbook, Volume 2...
Katherine J. Evans 0000-0001-8174-6450 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Climate, environmental and socio-economic change: Weighing up the balance in vector-borne disease transmission Linearity of climate response to increases in black carbon aerosols
Mathew John Evans 0000-0003-4775-032X National Centre for Atmospheric Science University of York Department of Chemistry Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories A pervasive role for biomass burning in tropical high ozone/low water structures
Thomas J. Evans Marine Mammals Management Effects of sea ice extent and food availability on spatial and temporal distribution of polar bears during the fall open-water period in the Southern Beaufort Sea
Wiley Evans 0000-0002-5450-0903 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Ocean Acidification Research Center Hakai Institute second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 16 : Coastal Ocean and Continental Shelves Ocean acidification in the surface waters of the Pacific–Arctic boundary regions Ocean acidification risk assessment for Alaska’s fishery sector Calcium carbonate corrosivity in an Alaskan inland sea On the frontline: Tracking ocean acidification in an Alaskan shellfish hatchery
Teresa Evans-Campbell University of Washington Seattle Historical trauma in American Indian/Native Alaska communities: A multilevel framework for exploring impacts on individuals, families, and communities
Birgitta Evengård Umeå University Department of Clinical Microbiology Umeå University Department of Clinical Microbiology Division of Infectious Diseases Climate change and water security with a focus on the Arctic Climate change, its impact on human health in the Arctic and the public health response to threats of emerging infectious diseases
D. F. Evenson Environmental controls of phenology of high-latitude Chinook salmon populations of the Yukon River, North America, with application to fishery management
Tracey Ewen Geographical Institute of the University of Bern NCCR Climate Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research Climate Variability and Extrem...
Lesley Ewing California Coastal Commission Solutions to coastal disasters...
Mandy Ewing International Food Policy Research Institute Environment and Production Technology Division Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation
Veronika Eyring 0000-0002-6887-4885 Institute of Atmospheric Physics Global air quality and climate Projected land photosynthesis constrained by changes in the seasonal cycle of atmospheric CO2
Alison Eyth U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Technical Support Document (TSD): Preparation of Emissions Inventories for the Version 6.2, 2011 Emissions Modeling Platform
Tal Ezer 0000-0002-2018-6071 Old Dominion University Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography Sea level rise, spatially uneven and temporally unsteady: Why the U.S. East Coast, the global tide gauge record, and the global altimeter data show different trends Accelerated flooding along the U.S. East Coast: On the impact of sea-level rise, tides, storms, the Gulf Stream, and the North Atlantic Oscillations
M. Patricia Fabian 0000-0002-1658-3349 Boston University School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health Harvard School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health Moving environmental justice indoors: Understanding structural influences on residential exposure patterns in low-income communities
Victoria J. Fabry California State University, San Marcos California State University, San Marcos Department of Biological Sciences Ocean Acidification at High Latitudes: The Bellwether Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem Ocean Acidification: A Critical Emerging Problem for the Ocean Sciences Impact of anthropogenic CO 2 on the CaCO 3 system in the oceans Anthropogenic ocean acidification over the twenty-first century and its impact on calcifying organisms
Paul Fackler North Carolina State University Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Conserving Species in a Working Landscape: Land Use with Biological and Economic Objectives