Name ORCID Organizations Publications
J. A. Lier Norconsult Norwegian University of Life Sciences Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology Analysing urban floods and combined sewer overflows in a changing climate
Stefan Liess 0000-0002-3544-8505 University of Minnesota Department of Soil, Water, and Climate Use of dynamical downscaling to improve the simulation of Central U.S. warm season precipitation in CMIP5 models
Helmut Lieth Phenology in Seasonal Climates...
Arthur C. Lietz U.S. Geological Survey Impact of Anthropogenic Development on Coastal Ground-Water Hydrology in Southeastern Florida, 1900-2000
Andrew Light George Mason University nca4 chapter 29 : Reducing Risks through Emissions Mitigation
Bonnie Light University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory Polar Science Center Sunlight, water, and ice: Extreme Arctic sea ice melt during the summer of 2007
Kent G. Lightfoot University of California, Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility University of California, Berkeley Department of Anthropology The study of indigenous management practices in California: An introduction
Arika Ligmann-Zielinska Michigan State University Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences Exploring normative scenarios of land use development decisions with an agent-based simulation laboratory
Stefan R. M. Ligtenberg Utrecht University Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research A Reconciled Estimate of Ice-Sheet Mass Balance Observed thinning of Totten Glacier is linked to coastal polynya variability Dynamic thinning of glaciers on the Southern Antarctic Peninsula
Gene E. Likens Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Institute of Ecosystem Studies Long-Term Effects of Acid Rain: Response and Recovery of a Forest Ecosystem Rising stream and river temperatures in the United States Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Sources and Consequences
Mary Ann Lila North Carolina State University Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences North Carolina State University Plants for Human Health Institute Alaskan wild berry resources and human health under the cloud of climate change
Anna Liljedahl 0000-0001-7114-6443 University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center University of Alaska Fairbanks Water and Environmental Research Center Cold season emissions dominate the Arctic tundra methane budget Pan-Arctic ice-wedge degradation in warming permafrost and its influence on tundra hydrology
Erik A. Lilleskov U.S. Forest Service Effects of nitrogen deposition and empirical nitrogen critical loads for ecoregions of the United States
Gene Lilly U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Western States Watershed Study: Report to the Western States Water Council
Cathy Lim Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Anatomical Pathology Hypothermia fatalities in a temperate climate: Sydney, Australia
Jong-Hwan Lim Korea Forest Research Institute Department of Forest Conservation Division of Forest Ecology A global overview of drought and heat-induced tree mortality reveals emerging climate change risks for forests
Kyung-Min Lim 0000-0002-1517-7680 Ewha Womans University College of Pharmacy Effects of environmental temperature change on mercury absorption in aquatic organisms with respect to climate warming
Young-Kwon Lim Goddard Earth Sciences Technology and Research GESTAR NASA Goddard Space Flight Center I. M. Systems Group, Inc. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Global Modeling and Assimilation Office Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center Atmospheric summer teleconnections and Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass variations: Insights from MERRA-2 Hurricanes and Climate: The U.S. CLIVAR Working Group on Hurricanes
Carlos H.R. Lima 0000-0001-8650-0951 Columbia Water Center University of Brasilia Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Quantifying changes in future intensity‐duration‐frequency curves using multimodel ensemble simulations Spatial scaling in a changing climate: A hierarchical Bayesian model for non-stationary multi-site annual maximum and monthly streamflow
Fernando P. Lima 0000-0001-9575-9834 Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources University of South Carolina Department of Biological Sciences Three decades of high-resolution coastal sea surface temperatures reveal more than warming
Ivan D. Lima 0000-0001-5345-0652 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Global carbon budget 2014 Detection of anthropogenic climate change in satellite records of ocean chlorophyll and productivity Impact of anthropogenic atmospheric nitrogen and sulfur deposition on ocean acidification and the inorganic carbon system Drivers and uncertainties of future global marine primary production in marine ecosystem models
Nelson Lima 0000-0003-2185-0613 University of Minho Centre of Biological Engineering How will climate change affect mycotoxins in food?
Gordon E. Limb Brigham Young University School of Social Work Moving from colonization toward balance and harmony: A Native American perspective on wellness A Native American perspective on spiritual assessment: The strengths and limitations of a complementary set of assessment tools
Patrick W. Limber 0000-0002-8207-3750 U.S. Geological Survey U.S. Geological Survey Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center Can beaches survive climate change? A model integrating longshore and cross-shore processes for predicting long-term shoreline response to climate change
Karin E. Limburg State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry Dramatic Declines in North Atlantic Diadromous Fishes