Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Patrick Alexander Ray 0000-0001-9495-2317 University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering The future nexus of the Brahmaputra River Basin: Climate, water, energy and food trajectories
Peter S. Ray Florida State University Department of Meteorology Rainfall morphology in Florida convergence zones: A numerical study
Shelly A. Rayback The University of Vermont Department of Geography The complex relationship between climate and sugar maple health: Climate change implications in Vermont for a key northern hardwood species
Nadine R. Rayburn RAND Corporation Psychiatric disorders among adults seeking emergency disaster assistance after a wildland-urban interface fire
Maureen E. Raymo Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Sea-level rise due to polar ice-sheet mass loss during past warm periods
Colin Raymond 0000-0003-3093-5774 Columbia University Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences A review of recent advances in research on extreme heat events
Crystal Raymond Seattle City Light Climate Change Vulnerability: Assessment and Adaptation Plan Adapting transportation to climate change on federal lands in Washington State, U.S.A
Peter A. Raymond Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Yale University second-state-carbon-cycle-report-soccr2-sustained-assessment-report chapter 14 : Inland Waters Significant efflux of carbon dioxide from streams and rivers in the United States The impacts of climate change on ecosystem structure and function The impact of fertilization and hydrology on nitrate fluxes from Mississippi watersheds Anthropogenically enhanced fluxes of water and carbon from the Mississippi River Event controlled DOC export from forested watersheds
Richard Raymondi Idaho State Department of Water Resources nca3 chapter 21 : Northwest
Julie Raymond-Yakoubian Kawerak, Inc. Building an indigenous evidence-base for tribally-led habitat conservation policies nca4 chapter 15 : Tribes and Indigenous Peoples A Bering Strait indigenous framework for resource management: Respectful seal and walrus hunting
Laurie Raymundo University of Guam Marine Laboratory Local-scale projections of coral reef futures and implications of the Paris Agreement Anomalous temperatures and extreme tides: Guam staghorn Acropora succumb to a double threat
Dominique Raynaud Laboratory of Glaciology and Environmental Geophysics LGGE Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations over the Last Glacial Termination Orbital and millennial-scale features of atmospheric CH4 over the past 800,000 years Palaeoclimatology: The record for marine isotopic stage 11 Hemispheric roles of climate forcings during glacial-interglacial transitions as deduced from the Vostok record and LLN-2D model experiments High-resolution carbon dioxide concentration record 650,000–800,000 years before present Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica
Mike Rayner 0000-0003-0479-6483 Centre on Population Approaches for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food Global and regional health effects of future food production under climate change: A modelling study
Nick A. Rayner Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research Met Office Hadley Centre Global analyses of sea surface temperature, sea ice, and night marine air temperature since the late nineteenth century Quantifying uncertainties in global and regional temperature change using an ensemble of observational estimates: The HadCRUT4 data set Reassessing biases and other uncertainties in sea surface temperature observations measured in situ since 1850: 2. Biases and homogenization
Peter J. Rayner 0000-0001-7707-6298 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Atmospheric Research Towards robust regional estimates of CO2 sources and sinks using atmospheric transport models Recent patterns and mechanisms of carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems
Steve Rayner 0000-0001-6779-9345 University of Oxford Institute for Science, Innovation, and Society Clumsy Solutions for a Complex World: the Case of Climate Change
Tracey Rayner 0000-0003-3797-8494 John Innes Centre Speed breeding is a powerful tool to accelerate crop research and breeding
Martha K. Raynolds University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Arctic Biology Pan-Arctic ice-wedge degradation in warming permafrost and its influence on tundra hydrology Cumulative geoecological effects of 62 years of infrastructure and climate change in ice-rich permafrost landscapes, Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska
Vyacheslav Razuvayev All-Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information Trends in intense precipitation in the climate record Maximum and Minimum Temperature Trends for the Globe
Mark Reacher 0000-0001-6871-7903 Public Health England Field Epidemiology Service The English national cohort study of flooding and health: cross-sectional analysis of mental health outcomes at year one