Name ORCID Organizations Publications
John Sulik 0000-0003-4637-0886 Florida State University Department of Geography A Geographic Approach to Sectoral Carbon Inventory: Examining the Balance Between Consumption-Based Emissions and Land-Use Carbon Sequestration in Florida
Arnold Sullivan 0000-0002-5712-6195 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Oceans and Atmosphere Fate of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Strong decline under continued warming and Greenland melting
Greer Sullivan South Central MIRECC University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Psychiatry Preexisting mental illness and risk for developing a new disorder after hurricane Katrina
John T. Sullivan NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory Observations and impacts of transported Canadian wildfire smoke on ozone and aerosol air quality in the Maryland region on June 9–12, 2015
Patrick F. Sullivan National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Biological Sciences University of Alaska Anchorage Environment and Natural Resources Institute Impacts of rising air temperatures and emissions mitigation on electricity demand and supply in the United States: A multi-model comparison Predicting the Response of Electricity Load to Climate Change Evidence and implications of recent and projected climate change in Alaska's forest ecosystems
Ryan Sullivan 0000-0003-0701-7158 Carnegie Mellon University Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies Dust and Biological Aerosols from the Sahara and Asia Influence Precipitation in the Western U.S.
Benjamin N. Sulman 0000-0002-3265-6691 Princeton University Department of Geosciences The increasing importance of atmospheric demand for ecosystem water and carbon fluxes
Melissa P. Sulprizio 0000-0003-4641-5546 Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Particulate air pollution from wildfires in the Western US under climate change Who among the elderly is most vulnerable to exposure to and health risks of fine particulate matter from wildfire smoke? Public health impacts of the severe haze in Equatorial Asia in September–October 2015: Demonstration of a new framework for informing fire management strategies to reduce downwind smoke exposure Future respiratory hospital admissions from wildfire smoke under climate change in the Western US
Timothy Sulser 0000-0001-7128-5283 International Food Policy Research Institute Environment and Production Technology Division Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation
Sonia E. Sultan Wesleyan University Evolutionary consequences of habitat loss for Pacific anadromous salmonids
U. Rashid Sumaila OceanCanada Partnership University of British Columbia Fisheries Economic Research Unit University of British Columbia Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries University of British Columbia Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Fisheries Economics Research Unit University of British Columbia Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Global Fisheries Cluster University of British Columbia Liu Institute for Global Issues Projected change in global fisheries revenues under climate change Climate change impacts on the biophysics and economics of world fisheries Contrasting futures for ocean and society from different anthropogenic CO 2 emissions scenarios Observed and projected impacts of climate change on marine fisheries, aquaculture, coastal tourism, and human health: An update Marine reserves can mitigate and promote adaptation to climate change
N. R. Sumathi Center for Community and Economic Development Local Dependency, Land Use Attitudes, and Economic Development: Comparisons between Seasonal and Permanent Residents
Tetsuya Sumi Kyoto University Sustainable sediment management in reservoirs and regulated rivers: Experiences from five continents
R. Scott Summers 0000-0002-0958-9590 University of Colorado Boulder Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Drinking water treatment response following a Colorado wildfire
Daniel A. Sumner University of California Agricultural Issues Center University of California, Davis Modeling the effects of local climate change on crop acreage Potential for adaptation to climate change in an agricultural landscape in the Central Valley of California. Publication number: CEC-500-2009-044-F Case study on potential agricultural responses to climate change in a California landscape
Jennifer A. Sumner Medical University of South Carolina Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center Prevalence and predictors of PTSD and depression among adolescent victims of the Spring 2011 tornado outbreak
Bomin Sun 0000-0002-4872-9349 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center Contemporary Changes of the Hydrological Cycle over the Contiguous United States: Trends Derived from In Situ Observations
Chao Sun University of Maryland, College Park Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Determining climate effects on US total agricultural productivity
Chaojiao Sun 0000-0002-7030-0485 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Marine and Atmospheric Research Climate change projection for the western tropical Pacific Ocean using a high-resolution ocean model: Implications for tuna fisheries
De-Zheng Sun Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences CIRES National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth System Research Laboratory University of Colorado Boulder North American Climate in CMIP5 Experiments. Part II: Evaluation of Historical Simulations of Intraseasonal to Decadal Variability
Fengpen Sun University of California, Los Angeles Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences University of Missouri-Kansas City Department of Geosciences Identification of two distinct fire regimes in Southern California: Implications for economic impact and future change Investigating the climate impacts of urbanization and the potential for cool roofs to counter future climate change in Southern California
Ge Sun U.S. Forest Service Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station Water stress projections for the northeastern and midwestern United States in 2060: Anthropogenic and ecological consequences Ecohydrological implications of drought for forests in the United States Impacts of impervious cover, water withdrawals, and climate change on river flows in the Conterminous US
Jenny C. Sun Gulf of Maine Research Institute GMRI Fisheries management in a changing climate: Lessons from the 2012 ocean heat wave in the Northwest Atlantic
Juanzhen Sun 0000-0001-6048-6362 National Center for Atmospheric Research The Great Colorado Flood of September 2013
Jun Sun 0000-0001-7369-7871 Tianjin University of Science and Technology College of Marine Science and Engineering University of Southern California Department of Biological Sciences Effects of changing pCO2 and phosphate availability on domoic acid production and physiology of the marine harmful bloom diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries