People who have had the role Point of Contact

Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Jonathan Patz University of Wisconsin-Madison Global Health Institute Climate change and collective violence
Louis Iverson 0000-0001-9501-471X U.S. Forest Service U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station A practical approach for translating climate change adaptation principles into forest management actions Multi-model comparison on the effects of climate change on tree species in the eastern U.S.: Results from an enhanced niche model and process-based ecosystem and landscape models Estimating potential habitat for 134 eastern US tree species under six climate scenarios
Kathy A. Hibbard 0000-0003-2278-4064 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 10.2: Anthropogenic Radiative Forcing Contributions 10.1: Climate Interactions with Land Use
Lynne M. Carter Louisiana State University 19.14: Warm Waters Contribute to the Formation of Hurricane Irma
Richard Moss 0000-0001-5005-0063 Joint Global Change Research Institute A proposal for a new scenario framework to support research and assessment in different climate research communities
William H. Schlesinger Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Duke University Department of Biology Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment Aboveground sink strength in forests controls the allocation of carbon below ground and its [CO2]-induced enhancement Biomass and toxicity responses of poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) to elevated atmospheric CO2 Natural climate solutions
Gary Yohe Carnegie Mellon University Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change Wesleyan University Department of Economics Mitigative capacity — The mirror image of adaptive capacity on the emissions side
Kim Knowlton 0000-0002-8075-7817 Natural Resources Defense Council Six Climate Change-Related Events In The United States Accounted For About $14 Billion In Lost Lives And Health Costs
Linda Joyce 0000-0002-3384-3341 U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Human Dimensions Research Program Climate change and North American rangelands: Assessment of mitigation and adaptation strategies
Philip W. Mote 0000-0002-3580-3730 Oregon Climate Change Research Institute Oregon State University Perspectives on the causes of exceptionally low 2015 snowpack in the western United States Dramatic declines in snowpack in the western US 24.1: PHOTO: Detroit Lake
Radley M. Horton 0000-0002-5574-9962 Columbia University Center for Climate Systems Research Goddard Institute for Space Studies A review of recent advances in research on extreme heat events Climate Hazard Assessment for Stakeholder Adaptation Planning in New York City
Steven Running 0000-0001-6906-3841 University of Montana Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group Is global warming causing more, larger wildfires?
Susan L. Cutter 0000-0002-7005-8596 University of South Carolina Department of Geography A place-based model for understanding community resilience to natural disasters
William D. Solecki City University of New York - Hunter College City University of New York - Hunter College Department of Geography City University of New York Institute for Sustainable Cities Climate change in suburbs: An exploration of key impacts and vulnerabilities Hurricane Sandy and adaptation pathways in New York: Lessons from a first-responder city City transformations in a 1.5 °C warmer world Transitions between risk management regimes in cities
David N. Wear 0000-0002-0001-1426 U.S. Forest Service From sink to source: Regional variation in U.S. forest carbon futures
Jayantha Obeysekera 0000-0002-9261-1268 South Florida Water Management District Department of Hydrologic and Environmental Systems Modeling Revisiting the Concepts of Return Period and Risk for Nonstationary Hydrologic Extreme Events
Kristen Averyt 0000-0002-3602-9118 Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences CIRES The influence of future electricity mix alternatives on southwestern US water resources
Nancy B. Grimm 0000-0001-9374-660X Arizona State University School of Life Sciences Global change and the ecology of cities The impacts of climate change on ecosystem structure and function
Paul J. Schramm 0000-0003-0299-6211 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 19.6: Potential Abundance of Disease-Carrying Mosquito
Peter E. Thornton 0000-0002-4759-5158 National Center for Atmospheric Research Oak Ridge National Laboratory Climate Change Science Institute Oak Ridge National Laboratory Environmental Sciences Division Influence of carbon-nitrogen cycle coupling on land model response to CO2 fertilization and climate variability Biospheric feedback effects in a synchronously coupled model of human and Earth systems