Name ORCID Organizations Publications
Timm Zwickel Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group III Technical Support Unit Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change: IPCC Working Group III Contribution to AR5 IPCC: Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation: Summary for Policymakers and Technical Summary
Francis W. Zwiers Environment Canada Climate Research Division Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Core Writing Team Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium University of Victoria Use of models in detection and attribution of climate change Human influence on Arctic sea ice detectable from early 1990s onwards The influence of atmospheric blocking on extreme winter minimum temperatures in North America Changes in temperature and precipitation extremes in the CMIP5 ensemble Detection of human influence on twentieth-century precipitation trends Attributing intensification of precipitation extremes to human influence Trends and low frequency variability of extra-tropical cyclone activity in the ensemble of twentieth century reanalysis A new statistical approach to climate change detection and attribution Climatology and Changes of Extratropical Cyclone Activity: Comparison of ERA-40 with NCEP–NCAR Reanalysis for 1958–2001 Global increasing trends in annual maximum daily precipitation Human-induced Arctic moistening Multimodel detection and attribution of extreme temperature changes Climate extremes indices in the CMIP5 multimodel ensemble: Part 2. Future climate projections Indices for monitoring changes in extremes based on daily temperature and precipitation data Detection and attribution of climate change: a regional perspective Anthropogenic influence on long return period daily temperature extremes at regional scales Attribution of extreme events in Arctic sea ice extent Probabilistic estimates of recent changes in temperature: A multi-scale attribution analysis Guidance Note for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Consistent Treatment of Uncertainties Attribution of Arctic temperature change to greenhouse-gas and aerosol influences Human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes Trends and variability of storminess in the Northeast Atlantic region, 1874–2007
Gertjan Zwolsman Kiwa Water Research Impact of summer droughts on water quality of the Rhine River - a preview of climate change? Climate change and effects on water quality: A first impression
J.J.G. Zwolsman Kiwa Water Research Impact of summer droughts on the water quality of the Meuse river