Platform : challenging-mini-satellite-payload-for-geophysical-research-and-application

Challenging Mini-Satellite Payload for Geophysical Research and Application

German Aerospace Center
July, 2000 to September, 2010

CHAMP is a German BMBF-funded geophysical minisatellite mission of GFZ (GeoForschungsZentrum), Potsdam, Germany, in cooperation with DLR (German Aerospace Center). The satellite was built by the German space industry with the intent to foster high-tech capabilities especially in the East-German space industry. The spacecraft prime contractor is DJO (Jena Optronic GmbH) in Jena, a daughter of DASA (now EADS Astrium GmbH).
Instrument Datasets
STAR Accelerometer 0
GPS TurboRogue Space Receiver (TRSR) 0
Overhauser Magnetometer and Fluxgate Magnetometer 0

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