Platform : earths-magnetic-field-and-environment-explorers

Earth's Magnetic Field and Environment Explorers

Canadian Space Agency, European Space Agency, National Center for Space Studies
November, 2013 to November, 2016

Swarm is a minisatellite constellation mission within the Earth Explorer Opportunity Program of ESA, proposed under the lead of DNSC (Danish National Space Center) of Copenhagen, Denmark (formerly DSRI). In January 2007, DNSC became, an institute at the Technical University of Denmark. The Swarm mission will be the 4th mission in ESA's Earth Explorer Program, following GOCE, SMOS, and CryoSat-2.
Instrument Datasets
Canadian Electric Field Instrument 0
Accelerometer 0
Absolute Scalar Magnetometer 0
GPS Receiver (Swarm) 0
Laser Reflectors 0
Star Tracker Set (3) 0
Vector Field Magnetometer 0

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