Platform : european-remote-sensing-satellite-1

European Remote Sensing satellite - 1

European Space Agency
July, 1991 to March, 2000

ERS is the first ESA program in Earth observation with the overall objectives to provide environmental monitoring in particular in the microwave spectrum (i.e., regular monitoring of land-surface and ocean-surface processes for change detection). Coverage of a broad range of disciplines and topics: Observation of oceans, polar ice, land ecology, geology, forestry, wave phenomena, bathymetry (water depth), atmospheric physics, meteorology, etc. Scientific research: PIPOR (Program for International Polar Ocean Research); PISP (Polar Ice Sheet Proposal). Demonstration of concept and technology for space and ground segments (performance and operational capability).
Instrument Datasets
Active Microwave Instrumentation. Image Mode 2
Along Track Scanning Radiometer 0
Active Microwave Instrumentation. Wind mode 0
Communication package for ERS 0
Active Microwave Instrumentation. Wave mode 0
Microwave Radiometer 0
Radar Altimeter 6

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